Organizing the Dresser Top

This weekend I finally got around to tidying up the dresser top in our bedroom.  It’s where I keep my make-up and jewelry and some of my hair accessories too.  It’s definitely still a work in progress, but I appreciate that everything has a place!

Dresser Top - Progress - #thissarahloves


Here’s a better idea of where I’d like to go with this area.

Bedroom Organization #thissarahloves

flower pots / spice jars / boxes / bamboo boxes / wooden boxbamboo organizers / egg crate / small jars / metal boxes

I’d love to switch the little flower pots (which are great for organizing make-up brushes and eye/lip pencils) for white patterned ones, the blue tray for some bamboo organizers, & the white storage box (which has seen better days) for some white metal boxes.  You can find all the sources for the items above on my New Home: Master Bedroom Ideas Pinterest page.

I keep my make-up brushes in one flower pot and my nail files and emory boards in the other.  The little blue tray corrals my make-up containers.Dresser Top Tray and Flower Pots Make-up Organization - Progress - #thissarahloves

These cute little Anthro spice jars organize my hair ties and hair clips.  These are no longer available, but the cute Target ones I linked to above should works just as well and look equally cute!Dresser Top Spice Jars - Progress - #thissarahloves

I loved Sherry’s jewelry storage idea the first time I saw it & have been using this blue ceramic egg crate for a few  years now.  Things get a little dusty, but it’s nice to be able to see all my basic jewelry and pick something fun to wear in the mornings.Dresser Top Egg Crate Jewelry Storage - Progress - #thissarahloves


How do you organize these items?

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