Creating a Cozy Guest Room

We spent most of this weekend trying to pry wallpaper off of un-primed drywall in the basement.  (Oh what fun and not very photograph worthy, since it’s SLOW going!) So I thought I’d updated you on what direction I’m planning to take the guest room in.

We had to put our guest room together very quickly, as our first guest arrived less than 2 weeks after we closed on the house.  So we threw some clean bedding (the navy stripe West Elm duvet) on the bed, and hung the bright and bold curtains from our master bedroom in the previous house since the blinds leave much to be desired.

We haven’t done a ton since then, despite having two additional sets of guests over the holidays, but now with the threat of parents coming to visit sometime soon, I thought it was time to shift my attention back to this room!

During our Ikea trip (when things kept jumping into our cart) one of these cute lady bug pillows also followed us home!  I like that it matches the colors in the room (and it reminds me of the outdoor lady bug pillow I wish I had grabbed last year!
Guestroom - Ladybug Pillow #thissarahlovesIt’s cute, not creepy, right?

I finally moved the pharmacy style lamps from our bedroom to the guest room and I love them in here!Guestroom - Preview - Pharmacy Lamp #thissarahloves

Oh and did you spot the art propped on the headboard?  They’re cute travel prints of London, New York, and Paris (also from Ikea, but I can’t find them on the website).  I’ve been pinning travel prints for a while, and couldn’t believe when I happened on this set! Although now Andy and I will need to visit Paris together!Guestroom - Travel Art Prints  - London Paris NewYork #thissarahloves
Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to show you, but this is the direction I’m planning to go in.  I think the first step is to pick a wall color.  I sort of want to try a blue/green color again, but am a little traumatized after trying to pick colors for the living room.

Do you have a favorite soft shade of blue or green?

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7 thoughts on “Creating a Cozy Guest Room

  1. I am in exactly the same boat! We just moved into our house before Christmas and with guests coming shortly after we threw a bed in the guest room and a side table. Now I’m needing to get it so it’s more welcoming and cozy as we have parents coming in a lot. I like where you’re going with the room and I LOVE those prints from IKEA. Can’t wait to see more. I also wanted to let you know that my sister and I think you’re blog is so cute that we nominated it for a Liebster Award on our blog. You can get more details about it here:

  2. LOVE those lamps! I used the colour River Rock by Behr in both of our bathrooms and love it, I’ll definitely be using it in the future. It’s kind of a soft blue-grey and is really pretty. Picking paint colours is so hard, so when I find one I love I remember the name so I can use it again!

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