Is it bigger than a bread box?

Nope, because it IS a breadbox.  I wonder if those twenty question toys could figure this one out?

Breadbox with a Turtle

This is certainly not ground breaking (or DIY) but I thought I’d share ths new(ish) addition to our kitchen.  I actually think we got it in December on a trial run to see if Andy’s bread lasts longer in the bread box.  I’m not sure if it does (as I don’t eat the bread) but if nothing else I don’t see the moldy bread lying on the counter anymore!  I can say that my tortillas stay fresh longer! (It’s the Threshold Acacia Wood Breadbox if you’re interested.)

I was very hesitant to add something else to our already cluttered counter tops, but I actually think this has helped to tidy up some of the clutter.  We also have not slipped into the habit of stacking things on top of the box, other than the occasional recipe book, which I don’t mind.  I think having the cute little turtle (his shells are measuring cups!) on there reminds us that it’s not a shelf.
Open Breadbox with a Turtle
Do you have a bread box? Or do you just keep bread in the freezer?

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February Design Collaboration: Aqua and Orange Master Bedroom

This month we were inspired by this gorgeous scarf!
Scarf - Aqua, ORange, Grey

Since we have some of these colors in our master,  I thought it would be fun to pull together a master bedroom that combines white, aqua and orange.  I would use lots of white to ensure that it’s a restful space, with sand colored walls bringing in a beach vibe.
Aqua and Orange Master Bedroom

Stop by and see item sources (and additional items I want to incorporate) at my New Home: Master Bedroom inspiration board!

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For my first challenge I created a modern yet coastal inspired living room. The colors I used (from the inspiration photo) are turquoise, coral and gray. And the style is partly mid century modern with fun silver accessories and a natural woven rug. The overall style is coastal chic!



This color combo gave me an excuse to design a room around a sofa that I’ve been lusting after for a long time, and since it would be a totally self-indulgent buy (can’t see the Mr going for it, and it definitely isn’t kid-friendly), I decided, not for the first time, to go the whole hog and make myself a dream office.

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Meet Roger

The Nest - Tech Upgrade - #thissarahloves

This newest addition to our home might say more about our laziness than about our tech savviness, but we love it either way. We were quickly growing annoyed at one of us inevitably having to go back downstairs at night to turn down the (non-programmable) thermostat we inherited with the house.  Add to that the fact that the button that adjusted the temperature only worked when being toggled back and forth and we just knew that we needed to upgrade the thermostat.

Andy named our new addition Roger (hence the title of this post).  At first I resisted, but Roger is good at following directions, so it works for me.

The whole process was relatively easy, although we did end up turning off the power to the entire house just to be sure.

Here’s what the guts of the old thermostat looked like.  As per Nest’s instructions, we snapped a picture so we wouldn’t forget where the wires went.

Old Thermostat - Before

Then we removed the whole thing to find that (no surprise) they had painted around the thermostat more than once AND had used a wall anchor to put the thing up.  You know, cause thermostats are so heavy…Old Thermostat Wires and Wall Condition - Before

Luckily nest came with a cover-plate to hide these kinds of sins, so we followed the instructions and snapped it on the back of the nest itself.

The Nest - Tech Upgrade Step 1 - #thissarahloves

We did find that the little level built into the nest was not accurate at all, so we broke out our trusty laser level to ensure that everything would be square.  Next we inserted the wires into the coordinating spots on the Nest and snapped the top part on.

The Nest - Tech Upgrade - It Works - #thissarahloves

Voila!  Fancy new thermostat.  We immediately connected it to our WiFi and downloaded the apps to our phones.  Ahh high-tech heaven.

The Nest - Tech Upgrade - Penelope - #thissarahloves

Penelope showed no interest in this fancy new gadget, but did want to be held during the installation process. Such a DIY dog.

Make any tech upgrades recently?

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Lily’s Little Birdy Rag Quilt

My niece Lily has finally received her rag quilt (only about 4 months late).  Luckily for me, 4 month old babies don’t have very good memories, so hopefully she won’t hold it against me!
Little Birdy Rag Quilt

I chose to add yellow so match Lily’s gorgeous yellow and gray room.  I stole the birdy fabric from my mother’s stash this Summer when we were in California, although I did see some more at JoAnns a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s why it’s called a “rag quilt”.  You sew the seams to one side and then snip them to help the edges fray. These blankets definitely go through an ugly phase as you’re sewing it all together, but in the end it’s all worth it.Little Birdy Rag Quilt - Close-up

And here’s the “wrong” side of the quilt.Little Birdy Rag Quilt - Back

Here are some other rag quilts I’ve made in the past:
Baby Boy Blue - Rag Quilt 3Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Close-up

Now I’m itching to make another one (or two) as we have some friends who are expecting twin girls!  What’s your go-to baby gift?  There are definitely time-consuming to make, but I love how they come out and I think it’s extra special to give a home-made gift.
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The Light is Up!

New Entry Light - Ooh Pretty - #thissarahloves
A couple of weeks ago, I asked for your opinion on which light we should add to our entry way.  We realized we needed a flushmount after unsuccessfully trying to hang the Hektar lamp from Ikea and realizing that we just could not get enough clearance (we have low ceilings and tall family members).

Most of you voted for the Minka Lavery ORB light, which I also loved, but it was just a tad over my budget at $115. Luckily, Andy love it too, so we pulled the trigger and it arrived on the door step a few days later.
New Entry Light - It is here - #thissarahloves

The most difficult part of the installation was getting the base to fit over the screws that would hold it to the ceiling. Luckily everything turned on the first time, so we didn’t have to removed and reattach that part!
New Entry Light - Let There Be Light - #thissarahlovesI do NOT know how we survived for a month and a half without a light in the entry!  Now we can finally see our gloves and mittens in the coat closet & guests won’t have to find their way into the house in the dark.

I think we can all agree that it looks a bit better than the light that used to be there, right?Old Entry Light - What a Beauty

Yup, SO much better.  Of course, now with all the light you can see how badly the walls need a coat of paint & that the coat closet needs a serious overhaul to become more functional.  The never-ending list, right?
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Just a few things as we’re preparing for snowmaggedon

1. I spent the afternoon crafting with some friends – we tried our hand at glass etching. I didn’t take progress pics because I wanted to be in the moment but i just ordered some etching cream so I can do a proper tutorial because it turned out SO cute!20140211-213754.jpg
2. I already told you about my love of the waterlogue app but I have to confess that I am also loving the This American Life app! It’s not free but it lets you stream all TAL episodes ever, which comes in very handy at work when I have a repetitive task to complete.20140211-214325.jpg
3. I am happy to report that not everything you see on Pinterest is fake! I am embarrassed to admit how dirty our guest bath tub was! I scrubbed it with some method bath cleaner which, unfortunately didn’t do much. The before is actually after this first scrubbing! Out of desperation I grabbed a partially used eraser sponge. After less than 5 mins of scrubbing there was a huge difference! Just look at it! I think it could do with a good second scrubbing, but unfortunately I used up the whole sponge and of course it was our last one…

Oh and to get back to snowmaggedon – apparently we should prepare for anywhere fro 4″ to 18″ of snow…. Oh weather people…
Are you preparing for the storm? Obsessively streaming TAL episodes? Eating starbursts?

Latest Obsession: Watercolors!

If you follow me elsewhere on social media, you already know I’m obsessed with the waterlogue watercolor app. While I can’t resist making watercolors of Penelope, I have to say I think the app does best at transforming travel pictures. Here are a few of my favorites!

The National Mall from the steps of the Lincoln
Water Color - DC Mall

Harrods in London
Water Color - London - Harrods

A winery in Stellenbosch, South AfricaWater Color - Stellenbosch Wine Country

I should note that these app people have no idea who I am, I’m just OBSESSED.  Have you been water-coloring anything recently?

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