Lighting the way (into the house)

Help Picking a Light for the Entry

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve conveniently forgotten to mention that we’ve been living without a light in the entry way for a month.  That’s right.  Sometime around the New Year the last bulb in the gorgeous 80s smokey glass chandelier that came with the house burned out.  We had no bulbs that would fit & I wasn’t about to waste money on a light I hated.  (It was so ugly that I never even snapped a photo of it.  I know, I know.  Terrible blogger!)

It’s not that we haven’t tried to replace it, I promised.  But we have tall people in our extended family and relatively low ceilings & I don’t want anyone having to duck to avoid a light in my house!  So turns out I really do need to stick to flush mount lights & the light really does need to give off enough light so we can find our gloves and other winter gear in the entry closet!

Even though I KNOW I need a flushmount I’m still stuck on which one to get, so I need your help!

Here are some of the front runners.


Mink Lavery Harbour Point


I like the  look & think it will fit nicely with the styling in the living room, but Amazon is really unclear as to what kind of bulb it takes, so I’m concerned…  I’m also worried that the finial will drive me bonkers.



I like that the satin nickel of this light will tie in with the bathroom finishes & the new kitchen light, but I’m concerned that it’s too modern.  I’d love it in ORB.

Allen + Roth


Light three has all the same problems of light 2.  I spotted a similar one  in ORB a while back, but it was out of stock everywhere & now I can’t even find it online to show you.

Mika Lavery Flushmount


This light was found when I felt inspired by the lights Gretchen from Boxy Colonial are considering for her son Abe’s nursery.  I think ORB is the right choice, but does the style work with the rest of the decor on the main level?

As you can tell, I am paralyzed by indecision.  And until I get over that, I get to arrive home in the dark & invite guests to take off their coats by the ambient light coming from the stairwell and the kitchen…

Which light would you choose?  Or do you have a different suggestion?

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6 thoughts on “Lighting the way (into the house)

  1. I think I vote #1 for an entrance, too. It’s such a hard decision, isn’t it? DH makes fun of me for overthinking it….he’s like, “how often do you even notice the light fixtures?” And I say, “all the time! Just because YOU don’t notice things doesn’t mean nobody does!”

    • Right?!?! Andy tried to convince me to just put a $10 light up there for a while. Gah! Like that would be a valid option… I’ll leave the ugly $10 fixtures up elsewhere for now, but they’ve all got to go eventually. Plus the entryway light sets the tone for the whole house! (Have you picked a light for Abe’s room yet?)

  2. I like number 1 the most! Not knowing what kind of lightbulb it uses would be a problem though. I also like number 3, and I think the nickel on it is minimal enough that it doesn’t look too modern. If it’s not too expensive you could always spray paint the nickel ORB!

    • Thanks for the input Steph! I definitely think the ORB was the right color for in the entry & I’m in LOVE with #1. And I would’ve been way to impatient to wait for spraypainting weather for #3!

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