Just a few things on a Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Last Friday I came home and decided that I needed to paint one of the vanities in the house as a test run for painting kitchen cabinets. After going back and forth, I decided on the main floor powder room, despite the fact that we were having 2 sets of guests over that weekend. (I figured they could just use the upstairs guest bath.)

It started with just taking the doors off the vanity & before I knew it, I was calling Andy over to pry the 2″ long screws out that held in the tp holder and help me take the mirror down.  Yep, that got out of control quick!  We found that our half bath used to be a LOVELY shade of salmon/pink.

Powder Room - in Pink

It was a hectic week, so after patching and sanding and patching and sanding on Sunday, I closed the door & ignored the bathroom until last night, when I taped and quickly painted the first coat (at 10pm).

Powder Room - Painting #thissarahloves

I wish I could share a better picture with you, but we took out both the bathroom and hallway lights & this room gets zero natural light, so this is the best I can do for now. It’s a grey/blue and it definitely needs a second coat!

But since you don’t come here to see grainy pictures of my not-done half bath, here’s what we changed in the dining room!  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that this rug hopped in our cart on our recent Ikea trip. (I swear we were only there to pick up floating shelves for the living room!)

New Rug - Dining Room #thissarahloves

And here it is in context.  Along with our GORGEOUS West Elm pendant light. (Have I shown you it yet?)  Our table really needs to be replaced with something more substantial and with something that fits with our style.  I’m hiding this one under table cloths for now!

New Rug - In context 2 - Dining Room - #thissarahloves

Have you done any late night painting recently? Or perhaps you started a relatively small project that snowballed out of control?  I can’t be the only  one, right?

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5 thoughts on “Just a few things on a Friday

  1. Wow, nice rug. It was SO hard to find something modern and geometric in Australia – seems no one has taste in rugs here, and finally I settled on one from Ikea in the Stokholm range – all triangles of blues and greens, which are colours I love, so it turned out perfectly. It was 100% wool, so it was expensive, but I’ve not regretted the purchase one bit!

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