Small Additions in the Living Room

When we bought out house we moved significantly closer to Ikea, which makes a quick Saturday morning trip much more feasible.  We popped in on Saturday morning to pick up some white floating shelves to install above the blue wine bar. (Spoiler alert: We haven’t added them yet!)

Of course, a few other items also hopped into our cart.  I’ve been meaning to add some plants to our house, but since I’m pretty good at killing them, I’ve been hesitant.Small Additions - Succulents


These little guys were too cute to resist and I’ve always loved these white Ikea pots. They’re even more adorable in the miniature sizes! Fingers crossed that we don’t kill them soon.

Small Additions - Succulents on the Buffet


I’ll be back to share some more small updates we’ve made around here.  The living area is coming together nicely! Have you made any small updates around the house?


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