A Christmas Dining Room

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday!

We kept things simple and festive this year in the dining room, with a little extra attention being paid to our brand new (to us) mid-century modern buffet.

MCM Buffet - Ready for Christmas

Isn’t she a beauty?  I’ve been whining to Andy that we need a storage piece in the dining room BUT I wanted something very budget friendly as we know that parents are planning on passing along my grandmother’s beautiful wood buffet to us at some point in the future.

I loved this cabinet from World Market, but at $499 + $100 delivery, the price wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. We considered just picking up an inexpensive cabinet from Target but didn’t think we had the energy to put together a non-Ikea flat pack.  We had just decided on a high-gloss gray Expedit since we figured we could reuse it in the basement in the future, when we thought to check the consignment store I drive by on my way to work every day.

We could not believe our eyes when we spotted this beauty, for LESS than the Target cabinet.  We inspected it (the drawers slide well & everything is sturdy) and power-walked (it was dangerous to run in that store) the ticket to the front desk to secure our purchase.

MCM Buffet

We squeezed the buffet right into the hatchback (best car decision ever) despite a passer-by’s clear disbelief that we could make it work. And we immediately placed the buffet in place and started filling all of the glorious storage we just added to the house!

Finally, we had a place to show off our giant Christmas crackers (from Marshalls) & the snowman sugar and creamer set (from Crate and Barrel Outlet many years ago).

Snowman Sugar and Creamer - Christmas Dining Room

I think the Christmas gnomes approve.

Christmas Nutcracker Gnomes - Christmas Dining Room

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