Yardstick Christmas Card Tree

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahlovesNope you’re not having a case of deja vu! This is the second yardstick project in a week. Creating the star was so easy, I just had to try my hand at another project.

This was the perfect rainy Sunday afternoon project & it was twice as fun as I got to rope my cousin who is visiting for Christmas into helping me with the project!

We started with 6 yardsticks and a high-tech sketch. (I used the measurements on the right, as we decided that a one-foot top branch would be too short.)Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Sketch-up

We used a jigsaw to trim our yardsticks to the desired measurements & reused the cut-off piece from the 20″ branch for the top-most 16″ branch.  We gave everything a quick coat of paint & then plugged in our trusty glue gun.

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Glueing

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Mini Clothespins

We glued all our “branches” to the “trunk” and then used tiny clothespins (found at Michaels) to each branch to hold up the Christmas cards.  We tried to be very careful not to be too exact or to measure things out to give it a more rustic feel.

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Treetopper


We also attached this snowflake cut-out (from Michaels) as our tree topper.  We decided not to paint it because we liked the raw wood with the green yardstick tree.

Here it is all finished up & hanging in the dining room with the new buffet & a rather large amount of additional Christmas decorations.

Dining Room Ready for Christmas with Yardstick Christmas Card Tree


Did you do any last minute Christmas decorating?


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Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Filled with Christmas Cards


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