What’s on your list?

I rounded up a few things I have on my wishlist.  It’s more like an “I would eventually like to own this” list than a Christmas list per se’, since there’s lots of pricey things on here. But just because I can’t have it all, doesn’t mean I can’t drool over it, right?

Christmas Wishlist

  1. I’d love a Kindle paperwhite.  My e-reader is a few years old and showing it’s age.  This would be a great upgrade.
  2. Woudn’t it look snazzy in this persimmon-colored cover?
  3. I love this Cape Town skyline print from loosepetals on Etsy.
  4. I think the small Capiz Orb would look amazing in our entry way.  Or maybe on the landing.
  5. Since we have a basement & backyard now, we’re ready to build furniture! This book should get us started. 
  6. Our thermostat is old, and finicky.  I want to upgrade it to the Nest. Badly.
  7. Oh and along with our furniture building we’d like to add some crown in the living room.  The Kreg crown pro should help with all the angles!
  8. We need a LOT more art for all the floors of this house.  I’d love to do a travel theme somewhere & I think this calendar will be a great start!
  9. We have the perfect corner for a wingback & the Ikea Strandmon is gorgeous & comfy.

Penelope also made a list:
Penny - Christmas Wishlist

  1. She loves the Ikea throws she took over. (I’m not sure why she want’s another one – she already has two).
  2.  This ducky toy looks good for shaking.
  3. This squirrel toy claims to improve doggy problem solving skills. I think she wants it so she can solve the “problem” of being in her crate while we’re at work.
  4. She loves her “puppy crack” so it’s ALWAYS on the list.  Teenie Greenies, for a teenie pup.
  5. This stuffing-less penguin also looks good for shaking.  (Can you tell she likes shaking toys.)

What’s on your list?

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5 thoughts on “What’s on your list?

    • I love all of lossepetals’ posters. I really want to collect some art piece for every place we’ve visited that we didn’t pick up a piece of art. (We normally try to get some piece of art when we travel, but it’s not always possible).

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