Christmas Traditions

Do you guys have any Christmas traditions? We don’t have kids, so we don’t get to do Elf on the Shelf (although I may or may not have tried to convince Andy to do it for me) or creative advent calendars (I don’t think Penelope would be too excited unless the calendar contained ice-cream or lamb).  We did however decide to collect snowman ornaments when we got married.

We pick out one new one each year at Christmas, plus we try to pick up cute snowmen whenever we see them while traveling.  We’ve been trying to pick out non-breakable ones – mostly wood and metal, although we do have some ceramic ones.<img class=”size-full wp-image-3976 aligncenter” alt=”Christmas Snowman Collection #thissarahloves” src=”” width=”450″ height=”740″ /></a>

Since this is our 6th Christmas together, we’ve built up a nice collection.  I spent a few minutes when decorating the tree this year to label all the ornaments on their backs / bottoms so that we can remember which year / where we got them.  I love the idea that our tree will slowly fill up with snowmen over time!

You may also spy two non-snowmen ornaments in that collage.  I found the Santa riding on an elephant and on a giraffe ornaments in Kenya last year, and even though they were clearly priced for the tourist market, I just had to have them.  Kenya Ornaments #thissarahlovesSarah Signature




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