Getting your Bearings on the Main Level

Penelope and I spent a morning last week taking measurements of the main floor so that we could finally draw up a floor plan!  (Yes, she helped.  She’s OBSESSED with the tap measure). I didn’t have much luck with any of the fancy pants floor planners, so hopefully you don’t mind my MS Paint version.  At least it’s (mostly) to scale.
Main Floor Floor Plan


– Do something to update those cabinets!
Add a bookshelf next to the windows
– Enlarge the pass-through to the living space
– Switch out the ancient hood for a microwave/venthood combo
– Tile the floors
– Replace the ceiling fan light monster
– Remove the wall-paper border
– Replace the backsplash
– Paint the walls
– Replace the blinds
– Hang some art

Replace the vintage smoked glass light fixture
– Upgrade the dining table
– Add a storage buffet
– New rug
Paint the walls
– Stencil (?) the entry wall
– Hang some art

Living Room:
Paint the walls
Hang curtains
– Replace the blinds
– Add some lamps
– Floating shelves over wine bar
– Hang art
– Add a plant
– Sew new pillow covers


3 thoughts on “Getting your Bearings on the Main Level

    • Haha! Thanks Gretchen. Well one floor down, 2 to go. So I might have them all drawn up and posted in about 6 more months or so?

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