Introducing the …. Living Room!

The walls have been painted, the curtains have been hung, the extra boxes have been dragged into the basement, & we’ve even managed to get some art on the walls!  Which means I’m finally ready to show off the living room.  The color on the walls is tent green & I love how it gets greener and warmer at night and lighter during the day when we have natural light from the windows.

Here’s the view towards the T.V. from behind the couch.

Living Room - November Updates - ThisSarahLoves  

If you turn to your right, you see the window wall (and me!)

Living Room - November Updates 2 - ThisSarahLoves

The room is really long and skinny, so we set up a bar area behind the couch, so keep looking to your right and you see the retro-stereo-turned-wine bar.

Living Room - November Updates 3 - ThisSarahLoves

Here’s a better view of the wine bar.

 Living Room - November Updates 4 - ThisSarahLoves

We haven’t made any big purchase for the new house. We’re trying to live with things as they are before we spend real money. But that doesn’t mean we’re not trying to make this place feel like home!  We grabbed some gorgeous Indian cotton throws for the living room for snuggly winter nights (on sale, from West Elm) since a certain someone whose name starts with a P and ends with an Enelope claimed the gray ones as her own.  I love how the soft muted colors go with the rice sack pillow we used to have in the bedroom. As you can see, Penelope is also advocating for some more red in the room. As you can see, she’s started the process by adding both her red monkey and red rope.  I really want to bring the vibe of the throws and that pillow into the room.

Living Room - November Updates Collage - ThisSarahLoves

We have lots of plans for the space! I want to add some floating shelves over the buffet (I’m thinking long LACK ones in glossy white from Ikea).  I’m contemplating throwing the rattan chairs into another dye bath to see if I can get them more navy BUT I also really want one of the grey Ikea Strandmon Wingback Chairs to place next to the TV.  Eventually we’d like to switch out the couch for something new too – perhaps a sectional or 2 love seats (we can’t agree on what would be best) but we do like the Ikea Karlstad’s price & look.  Our room also lacks light once the sun goes down, which is before I even contemplate leaving work these days, so I want to add a standing lamp next to the TV near the window & perhaps one back by the wine bar too.  I’d also like 2 matching table lamps – one for the (not yet in existence) sideboard in the dining room & one for the side table next to the couch.  Oh and new scatter cushions – I’ve been very disappointed with how the premier prints fabric I ordered last year has held up & we’ve kind of outgrown the bright green, so it’s time for another pillow update (once I find some fabrics I like and time to sew them of course).

What have you been up to recently?


4 thoughts on “Introducing the …. Living Room!

    • Thanks Sammi! Yup, we lucked out with this gorgeous floor in the dining and living rooms. I love that it’s naturally worm so we don’t have to worry about dings or scratches! 🙂 We got plenty of nasty carpet in the basement though, so I feel a bit of your pain.

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