Paint on the brain (and in Andy’s hair)

Oh what drama we had with the paint colors. We started with the gorgeous gray-blue (Behr’s Limelight) which turned baby blue on our living room walls.
Don’t mind the patchwork of patching. The previous owner had a thing for drywall anchors & nails…

When we woke up Sat morning, I vetoed the blue and tried out the khaki (Behr’s Riviera Beach) which we got for the bedroom, but neither Andy nor I liked it for the living room. So back to the paint store we went & picked two more samples with more green in them. (The bottom two colors.)
Everyone say it with me; “Seafoam.” Whoops! This wasn’t going to work either.

Next I had the guys at the paint counter mix up a gallon of an old Better Homes and Gardens color called “tent” which my mother in law uses in her house & that I love. What they gave me was a bit more khaki than I had envisioned, but I was done fighting it, until I got home and realized they gave me the non VOC-free Behr paint! So another visit to the big orange store, lots of begging and pleading and explaining later, we convinced them to take back the stinky paint.

We had them mix tent again, and when we got back to the counter it was greener than the previous mix. Turns out they mixed a color named “tent green” and it was gorgeous! Exactly what I had in mind. Although I have no idea whose color it is.

We finished painting well after dark on Sunday & I won’t see my living room in more than early morning light again until Saturday, but Andy (who got Veterans’ Day off) says it looks great in the daytime too. I’ll share official daytime “after” pictures next week – until then here’a what I see when I come home.
Oh and don’t worry, Andy got a haircut yesterday, so he won’t be going to work with paint in his hair!


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