From paint chips to swatches

We’ve been living with paint chips taped to our walls for long enough! Since I have early Friday today, I plan on stopping by home depot & picking up two paint samples after work. At first I wanted to just grab a few gallons – but that’s a lot of $$$ if I end up not liking the color! So I’m playing it safe and starting with samples.
The winner in our bedroom is Behr’s Riviera Beach. I think it will be nice and calm without being cold.
I dragged the same paint chips down to the living room, but realized, after a day of staring at them that none of them was working for me. So I dug through our box of paint chips & pulled out a fee blue and green toned neutrals.

After many more days of staring at paint chips & moving my favorites from wall to wall to see the colors in every possible light, I think I found a winner. The middle one there – Behr’s Lime Light.20131108-090459.jpg
But before I can paint, i have to spackle all 50 bazillion (thats a technical term, fyi) holes in the walls. Every time I think I’ve filled them all, and just as I put away the spackle, I spot another hole.

What do you have planned for this weekend?


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