Banishing the Blue from the Basement

We could not wait to get the blue carpet out of the basement. On our third day of home ownership, we grabbed a carpet knife, some work gloves, and a box of trash bags. We knew we should have been finishing the last of the packing (the movers were coming the next day) but we couldn’t live with the blue one more day!

Just look at it! This is where we started.

We knew there was linoleum underneath so we were willing to take the risk and just rip the carpet out. It’s not exactly pretty linoleum, but it feels like a big improvement over the dingy and worn blue carpet.

Ripping up the carpet was easy. Andy folded over a strip, then I cut the strip loose, and he rolled and bagged the piece. Teamwork for the win!

Unfortunately we didn’t find perfect vintage linoleum under our blue carpet. There are some scratches, some really bad seams, a mysteriously missing rectangle, oh and damage from where we had to pry up the tack strips and approximately a million staples.

Despite the imperfections it is SO much better than the blue! Of course we plan to replace it eventually. Although I haven’t done any research on wht to replace it with – we have to deal with the wallpaper situation first (more on that next time) – but I’m considering vinyl peel and stick planks. Anyone have any experience with those?


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