We need color on the walls!

Contrary to popular belief, I do in fact still exist. Moving plus a new (demanding) job plus an out-of-town visitor has left little time for blogging or unpacking for that matter.

At least we have living room seating & a puppy pillow fort…

But this is the weekend we will finally get rid of the last of the “decorative boxes” and start making our new place feel more like us. Oh and take lots of pictures to share here too!

I had a few spare moments this morning, so I taped some paint chips to the wall in the master. Clearly I’m thinking of going with a warmish sandy tone.20131031-083940.jpg
Any favorites in the bunch? I want something that will warm up our north facing bedroom without making it feel like a cave. I’ll be pairing it with lots of white (curtains & bedding) and some wood (our dresser & bed).

I think I’m liking the 3rd one in the top row or the 4th one in the second row. Maybe also the darkest shade on the tricolor chip at the bottom… Decisions, decisions.

See you next week!


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