Losing Penelope

Don’t worry, she’s not lost. BUT it is a pretty funny story.  At least in retrospect.

Penelope  on the Rug #thissarahlovesOne afternoon last week I got home before Andy (a pretty rare event these days).  I was talking to my dad on the phone as I walked into our house.  As usual, I headed straight down the hall to let Penelope out of her crate.  To my shock, when I got to our room the door to her crate was wide open & she was nowhere to be found.  The little magician has managed to unlock her crate before, so the fact that the door was open wasn’t a concern in itself, but usually she meets you at the door, looking very proud of herself!

While I didn’t flat-out panic, I did start searching for her – calling our her name & checking under the beds.  Nothing.  For a split second I had a vision of someone breaking in & stealing her…. Then my mind must have started searching for logical options, and I assumed that our friend (and the property manager) must have come to get her because someone made a noise complaint.  Yup.  At that moment it was the only logical explanation I could come up with.

Just as I was about to head out the door to find our friend (and hopefully Penelope with him!), I realized that I didn’t need to search for her at all because she was AT DOGGY DAYCARE and Andy would be bringing her home with him!

Penelope in Bed #thissarahloves


Heart Sarah


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