We need color on the walls!

Contrary to popular belief, I do in fact still exist. Moving plus a new (demanding) job plus an out-of-town visitor has left little time for blogging or unpacking for that matter.

At least we have living room seating & a puppy pillow fort…

But this is the weekend we will finally get rid of the last of the “decorative boxes” and start making our new place feel more like us. Oh and take lots of pictures to share here too!

I had a few spare moments this morning, so I taped some paint chips to the wall in the master. Clearly I’m thinking of going with a warmish sandy tone.20131031-083940.jpg
Any favorites in the bunch? I want something that will warm up our north facing bedroom without making it feel like a cave. I’ll be pairing it with lots of white (curtains & bedding) and some wood (our dresser & bed).

I think I’m liking the 3rd one in the top row or the 4th one in the second row. Maybe also the darkest shade on the tricolor chip at the bottom… Decisions, decisions.

See you next week!


Losing Penelope

Don’t worry, she’s not lost. BUT it is a pretty funny story.  At least in retrospect.

Penelope  on the Rug #thissarahlovesOne afternoon last week I got home before Andy (a pretty rare event these days).  I was talking to my dad on the phone as I walked into our house.  As usual, I headed straight down the hall to let Penelope out of her crate.  To my shock, when I got to our room the door to her crate was wide open & she was nowhere to be found.  The little magician has managed to unlock her crate before, so the fact that the door was open wasn’t a concern in itself, but usually she meets you at the door, looking very proud of herself!

While I didn’t flat-out panic, I did start searching for her – calling our her name & checking under the beds.  Nothing.  For a split second I had a vision of someone breaking in & stealing her…. Then my mind must have started searching for logical options, and I assumed that our friend (and the property manager) must have come to get her because someone made a noise complaint.  Yup.  At that moment it was the only logical explanation I could come up with.

Just as I was about to head out the door to find our friend (and hopefully Penelope with him!), I realized that I didn’t need to search for her at all because she was AT DOGGY DAYCARE and Andy would be bringing her home with him!

Penelope in Bed #thissarahloves


Heart Sarah

New House, New Kitchen, New To-Do List

Prepare yourself. Our new kitchen needs a little bit of TLC to bring into the 21st century.  Okay a lot of TLC.  Whenever I look at the backsplash, I think of a comment one of the Property Brothers made on one of their shows, which was “don’t match the ugly.”  And man, are those tiles an excellent match to the cabinets and the shell border.

Our House - Kitchen - #thissarahlovesOur House - Kitchen 2 - #thissarahloves



There are a million things I want to do & of course not all of them will get done right away.  I’ve been browsing for (and pinning) inspiration pictures.  I think my kitchen role model will be Dana from House*Tweaking‘s awesome kitchen make-over.

Here’s what’s on the short to medium-term list (in no particular order):

  • Replace the ceiling fan light monster (Any favorite flush mount fixtures?)
  • Pry those awful faux hinges off the doors (Yup, those metal pieces aren’t connected to the actual hinges)
  • Replace the cabinet hardware
  • Add molding to the cabinet doors (like so)
  • Paint the cabinets (any paint/paint color suggestions?  what about helpful hints?)
  • Replace the backsplash with something clean and modern
  • Remove the “she sells seashells by the seashore” border
  • Paint the walls
  • Replace the linoleum with tile
  • Replace the vintage vent-hood with a microwave/vent combo

In the long-run I’d like to replace the counter tops (but since we might want to replace the cabinets eventually, I’m not sure how to approach that).  I’d also love to open up the opening into the living/dining room, scrape/replace the ceilings, and update the dishwasher. And while there’s lots on our to do list, it’s nice to know that the house is totally liveable & we’ll get to those over time.

Now please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with closing!  I can’t wait to share more details & pictures!

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Getting Ready for Halloween: 3 Front Doors

halloween front door banner

Today I’m here to share three awesome ways to decorate your front door for Halloween!  Well, technically, I didn’t decorate the outside of my front door, but the inside is looking good.  I promise I’ll try to get something up on the outside of our NEW front door before Halloween! (But you’ll have to give me a few weeks since I should probably own the door before I start decorating it!)

Halloween Front Door Bats

I cheated a little bit & relied on my cute Boo banner and foam bats (from Target) that I have from last year’s Halloween.  (I’m nothing if not thrifty!)  I had big plans to cut out bat silhouettes from black paper, but honestly, who can beat a giant stack of foam bats for $3?!

Halloween Front Door

You should stop by and check out the gorgeous front door decorations Katie from Upcycled Treasures and Corey from TinySidekick created.  They were much more productive and creative than I was this month!  The good news is that I’m already collecting items for a fun Thanksgiving display in the new house, so be sure to stop by again next month too!


banner Tinysidekick