Sugared Hues: September Design Collaboration

Welcome to another month of Design Collaboration!  I’m excited to share all of the awesome mood board that the ladies created this month!  Didn’t Lizzie pick a gorgeous color palette for this month?!Sugared Hues Inspiration Pic


Sarah from ThisSarahLoves {Thats me!}

I love these colors together. I had fun coming up with a more girly living room than I would normally use in my own home, but now I’m kind of obsessed with that rug.  Find links to all my sources on my Pinterest Sugared Hues Mood Board!

Sugared Hues - Navy Coral Mustard Grey - Living Room - #thissarahloves


Carissa from Carissa Miss

i had so much fun with this month’s collaboration because it went perfectly with the idea i had in my head for a space in my house. i’ve been thinking about the hall bathroom and how to make the most of the very small space. it’s going to be the shared bathroom between the two kids so i wanted to reflect both genders as well as have a more grown up feel. when lizzie picked this inspiration palette i knew it was meant to be! come visit me to see the sources!

Carissa Miss


Tracie from Cleverly Inspired

I love this color palette…soft but yet dynamic too. It made me think of an office space…ready for lots of creativity. I think my favorite is the lights….so fun they look like bubbles hanging in the air. Stop by to see all my sources!

Cleverly Inspired


Samantha from Designer in Teal

I immediately fell in love with this month’s color inspiration. The first word that popped into my head was Nautical. I wanted to use it in a dining room application so I had to give it some sophistication. Navy is one of my favorite hues and I love the contrast of the coral and gold against it. Stop by to get this look for yourself.

Designer In Teal


Corey from TinySidekick

This color palette of coral, mustard, and navy with a neutral background are perfect for a girly bedroom. Click over to to see the sources!



Lizzie from Living Pretty

I’m calling this my “rustic glam” dining room. I got a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities because I love this color combo so much, but in the end I kept it pretty simple but cozy. I stuck with white walls (looking out for renters!) but I think a warm greige would be really pretty too. Visit me at for more details and sources.

Living Pretty Blog


Fletcher from High Cotton Style

Coral, mustard, blue and GREEN? Sometimes it’s okay to think outside of the box! Hop on over to to see how this guest bedroom came together!

High Cotton Style


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