New Job Fashion

Hi Guys!  Today I’ve got a non-house non-DIY post for you.  (Switching things up is good, right?)

Those of you with sharp eyes might have noticed me sneaking in a little something in Tuesday’s post about having a new job.  I’m very excited about it & the awesome company I get to work for (and the people I get to work with)!  The only downside is that I don’t get to work from home anymore, which means that I don’t have a personal heating device (aka Penelope) on my lap all day. (I’m not sure if the dog or I am more affected by the separation!) So far it’s going well & I’m loving all the human interaction, plus the work is pretty fun too.

To get ready to actually get up and wear something nicer that shorts or sweatpants all day, I did what anyone … okay maybe only a Type A blogger would do.  Why yes, I DID snap photos of all the outfit combinations I liked!  How did you guess?

Here are the winning looks for this and next week.  (I plan on wearing dresses on Fridays, but unfortunately they didn’t make it into the camera.)  And I may or may not have written down a list of what to wear each day (in an order that ensures that I won’t wear the same blazer or skirt two days in a row) and taped it up in my closet.  Thinking in the morning is over-rated!

New Job - Clothes Shopping


This exercise also helped me determine that I need at least one more short-sleeve shirt and another grey skirt.  I also think it’s time for a new 3/4 sleeve black blazer.  Turns out though, I don’t need to buy anything – I found another work-appropriate shirt I had forgotten about in the laundry (black polka dots!) and I have a grey skirt-suit  which I never wear, so I’m breaking the suit & entering the skirt into my wardrobe rotation.  I’ll poke around at the end-of-season sales for a black blazer, but a new one can always wait until next year.

Do you ever write outfit lists?  I always do when I travel, but this is the first time I did full-on outfit lists while at home.

Heart Sarah


5 thoughts on “New Job Fashion

  1. Oh wow, I always ‘break’ out my suit jacket (seldom the skirt, that was a mistake…). So I’m glad you’ve done this. I don’t do this for holidays or work (lucky to have a uniform), but I do like to think of silhouettes I like on others, and how I can replicate them, or what I might be missing.

  2. I started putting my outfits for the week together on Sunday nights–right down to my earrings! It saves me SO MUCH time in the morning. I’ll do anything for a few extra minutes of sleep 😉 Love what you put together!

  3. Ya, for travel I always do too.
    I think you are brilliant to do one for the week.
    I mean, I totally agree about trying to think in the morning… which would explain why some of my fashion choices have been a little ify come Monday morning. LOL

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