Sugared Hues: September Design Collaboration

Welcome to another month of Design Collaboration!  I’m excited to share all of the awesome mood board that the ladies created this month!  Didn’t Lizzie pick a gorgeous color palette for this month?!Sugared Hues Inspiration Pic


Sarah from ThisSarahLoves {Thats me!}

I love these colors together. I had fun coming up with a more girly living room than I would normally use in my own home, but now I’m kind of obsessed with that rug.  Find links to all my sources on my Pinterest Sugared Hues Mood Board!

Sugared Hues - Navy Coral Mustard Grey - Living Room - #thissarahloves


Carissa from Carissa Miss

i had so much fun with this month’s collaboration because it went perfectly with the idea i had in my head for a space in my house. i’ve been thinking about the hall bathroom and how to make the most of the very small space. it’s going to be the shared bathroom between the two kids so i wanted to reflect both genders as well as have a more grown up feel. when lizzie picked this inspiration palette i knew it was meant to be! come visit me to see the sources!

Carissa Miss


Tracie from Cleverly Inspired

I love this color palette…soft but yet dynamic too. It made me think of an office space…ready for lots of creativity. I think my favorite is the lights….so fun they look like bubbles hanging in the air. Stop by to see all my sources!

Cleverly Inspired


Samantha from Designer in Teal

I immediately fell in love with this month’s color inspiration. The first word that popped into my head was Nautical. I wanted to use it in a dining room application so I had to give it some sophistication. Navy is one of my favorite hues and I love the contrast of the coral and gold against it. Stop by to get this look for yourself.

Designer In Teal


Corey from TinySidekick

This color palette of coral, mustard, and navy with a neutral background are perfect for a girly bedroom. Click over to to see the sources!



Lizzie from Living Pretty

I’m calling this my “rustic glam” dining room. I got a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities because I love this color combo so much, but in the end I kept it pretty simple but cozy. I stuck with white walls (looking out for renters!) but I think a warm greige would be really pretty too. Visit me at for more details and sources.

Living Pretty Blog


Fletcher from High Cotton Style

Coral, mustard, blue and GREEN? Sometimes it’s okay to think outside of the box! Hop on over to to see how this guest bedroom came together!

High Cotton Style


Pack it up, pack it up…

… pack it up, pack it up. (You should be singing it to the tune of this still awesome auto-tune the news video. You’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed the new art installation we have in our dining room.

Moving - New Art Installation - Box #thissarahloves


Yup, we’re packing up! I’m not at all excited about having to pack up our house, but the reason we’re moving is pretty darn exciting, because we bought a house! Or rather more accurately, we’re knee-deep in the process (and paperwork) of buying a house. If everything goes according to plan, we should have the keys in less than a month!

Moving - New House - #thissarahloves


It’s a cute 3-level town home with adorable blue shutters & is about 30 years old. We bought it from the original owners, and it needs a LOT of updating, but we’re already making plans for everything we want to do (kitchen, bathrooms, basement wall paper removal)! I’ll have tons more pictures to share & of course once I have better dimensions of each room, I’ll share a floor plan too.

Heart Sarah


Foxy Folders for a New Office

Just popping in to share the cute new office supplies I picked up to help cheer up my new desk.

Office Supplies - Foxes on Folders #thissarahloves

Megan of Honey We’re Home instagrammed a picture of the grey and orange fox folder while we were on vacation in California.  I immediately knew that I HAD to have it, but I was worried that it would be sold out / not available when I finally made it to Target.  Luckily for me I found both the grey chevron fox and the teal woodgrain foxes folders with just a little bit of scratching in the back to school bins at our local Target.

Office Supplies - Foxes on Folders - Details #thissarahlovesEven the backs and the insides are gorgeous!  I may or may not have bought two of each folder.  How cute would these look in some simple white frames on the wall?  I also picked up the three pack of numbered notes from the dollar spot bins.

Do you get back to school office supplies to start the new year?

Heart Sarah

Mood Board: Nautical Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago, when I stopped in Paper Source to visit my favorite foxes, I spotted this nautical guy.

And I thought that he could be a fun jumping off point for a nautical kitchen.  While I used a few ocean inspired items, I tried to stick more to the colors than just the theme to hopefully avoid the feeling that you’re in a super themed room.

This imaginary kitchen has a big window seat which will allow for lots of scatter cushions.  I also couldn’t decide between the red and blue rug or the red and blue stools, so I included it all.

Lastly, I had to include the little white crab. I think he could make a cute napkin weight, or just tuck him on an open shelf for a whimsical touch.

Nautical Kitchen Design Board - #thissarahloves

What do you think?  Would you like to eat your cereal in this fun with a nautical twist kitchen?

Find links for all the sources on my Nautical Kitchen Mood Board on Pinterest.

New Job Fashion

Hi Guys!  Today I’ve got a non-house non-DIY post for you.  (Switching things up is good, right?)

Those of you with sharp eyes might have noticed me sneaking in a little something in Tuesday’s post about having a new job.  I’m very excited about it & the awesome company I get to work for (and the people I get to work with)!  The only downside is that I don’t get to work from home anymore, which means that I don’t have a personal heating device (aka Penelope) on my lap all day. (I’m not sure if the dog or I am more affected by the separation!) So far it’s going well & I’m loving all the human interaction, plus the work is pretty fun too.

To get ready to actually get up and wear something nicer that shorts or sweatpants all day, I did what anyone … okay maybe only a Type A blogger would do.  Why yes, I DID snap photos of all the outfit combinations I liked!  How did you guess?

Here are the winning looks for this and next week.  (I plan on wearing dresses on Fridays, but unfortunately they didn’t make it into the camera.)  And I may or may not have written down a list of what to wear each day (in an order that ensures that I won’t wear the same blazer or skirt two days in a row) and taped it up in my closet.  Thinking in the morning is over-rated!

New Job - Clothes Shopping


This exercise also helped me determine that I need at least one more short-sleeve shirt and another grey skirt.  I also think it’s time for a new 3/4 sleeve black blazer.  Turns out though, I don’t need to buy anything – I found another work-appropriate shirt I had forgotten about in the laundry (black polka dots!) and I have a grey skirt-suit  which I never wear, so I’m breaking the suit & entering the skirt into my wardrobe rotation.  I’ll poke around at the end-of-season sales for a black blazer, but a new one can always wait until next year.

Do you ever write outfit lists?  I always do when I travel, but this is the first time I did full-on outfit lists while at home.

Heart Sarah

5 Fall Tables

It’s time for some Fall Inspiration.  Andy is back at school, I start my new job today (wait what?  Yea, I still need to tell you about that), the calendar says it’s officially Fall, and we’re not allowed to wear white shoes anymore, which all mean that it is time to infuse some orange, yellows, reds, greens and even some more metallic into your home decor and embrace the beautiful colors of the season!

I teamed up with 4 awesome bloggers with different styles to bring you 5 Fall table ideas.  Corey from TinySidekick, Katie from Upcycled Treasures, Jamie from So Much Better with Age, and last but not least Katie from My DIY Habits.

Check out this Fall Table awesomeness!

Fall Tablescape Ideas

I decided that a Fall table should be distinctly different from a Thanksgiving table.  So I went orange and pumpkin light, and added some green and grey to balance out the warm colors.  Easy Fall Table - ThisSarahLoves

I found the grey owl at Michaels (60% off) and he just had to come home with  me.  He inspired the whole table setting!  I used my classic white plates, paired with green cloth napkins (from Crate and Barrel) and amber water glasses (found at Goodwill).  The table runner is grey with images of vintage stamps (found in South Africa) paired with autumn colored place mats.  The pumpkin & acorn name card holders double as cute decorative objects on the plates (from Michaels).  Although I would normally go with fresh flowers for a fancy party, I chose silk flowers (from Michaels, $4) instead.  I like that they’ll stay fresh through Thanksgiving & I’m hoping that with a few tweaks I can reuse this same arrangement for Halloween and Thanksgiving too (so look for it in the October and November collaborative posts!)

Easy Fall Table - Centerpiece - ThisSarahLoves Easy Fall Table for Four - ThisSarahLoves

And now that my fake dinner party is over, it’s time for you to check out the other creative ladies’ Fall tables below.  Be sure to pin from their blogs!


{Corey from TinySidekick}

Look at this beautiful rustic table Corey created!  How cool are those wool sleeves for the candle holders? And those chairs – you have to check out how Corey recovered those chairs herself!

fall table TinySidekick


{Katie from Upcycled Treasures}

Katie created a gorgeous green and white table.  Look at those fancy wine goblets!  I want to be invited to this dinner party.  Stop by her blog to give her some love & learn how to make those book page pumpkins.



{Jamie from So Much Better with Age}

Isn’t Jamie’s white and metallic table just gorgeous.  I love that she included natural elements with the woven carafe cover, the feathers, and the metallic deer.  You should stop by to check out the details on this table and while you’re there be sure to check our her famous trunk!

fall-tablescape so much better with age


{Katie from My DIY Habits}

Katie created this casual table with mix and match napkins.   (How fun is that!)  Her table arrangement should also last easily through Halloween & can I like that it’s simple enough to leave out on the table even when you’re not throwing a (fake) dinner party.  While you’re visiting Katie’s blog you should check out her easy DIY glam magnets.



Be sure to check all out all the tables & please pin from original sources. (All the photos are clickable to take you back to the original blog).

Heart Sarah

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Summer in Review

As it turns out, the last time I did a month-in-review post was in May.  Oops.  So I guess I owe you a review & I thought it would be easier to just do it all at once, since this Summer has been project-light.


June in Review

  1. My recipe for “No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Clusters”
  2. A quick craft with extra paint chips, craft paint, and an empty salad dressing bottle
  3. Painted tea towels
  4. Free Craigslist bench receives a new lease on life
  5. A whimsical home office mood board inspired by my favorite fox wrapping paper


July in Review

  1. Dumpster diving pays off in the form of a West Elm headboard
  2. I (start to) create project pages for the blog
  3. We finally finish the retro stereo cabinet’s makeover
  4. A minty guest room mood board design collaboration


August in Review

  1. Showing off the (finally!) finished side table in the living room
  2. Sharing my favorite Ikea 2014 finds
  3. Dreaming of a spa-like bathroom 
  4. Rag quilt for a toddler

Hopefully I’ll keep up with these a bit more regularly, but who knows, perhaps I’ll just do a Fall-in-Review in another 3 months!  What projects did you take on this Summer?  Are you ready for Fall?

A Blog Signature

P.S. Hope you’re having a relaxing long weekend!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow at 9am Eastern.  I’ve teamed up with Corey from TinySidekick, Katie from Upcycled Treasures, Jamie from So Much Better With Age, and Katie from My DIY Habits to bring your 5 different Fall Tables!

Group Series - Promotion Collage for Fall Tables with Dates