Summer Project #2 Completed: The $5 Table.

LR with Updated Side Table #thissarahloves

So remember that $5 table we found at the thrift store at the beginning of summer? (I’ll wait a moment if you want to catch up… It’s okay I barely remember it either.)  It had good lines, but had seen better days when we found it at the 50% off furniture sale at Goodwill.

Summer Projects - Five Dollar Goodwill Table

I decided to paint it white, but add some interest by painting the bottom round shelf and the interior circle on the top a dark gray.  These colors happen to match the colors we used on our dresser-turned-TV-stand (its white on the outside, with white shelves, and dark grey on the inside).

While I was painting it, I swore I would never paint anything white again.  Why is white such a difficult color to work with?  BUT the results are so worth it!  I love how it turned out.  Even if it took 3 to 5 coats!

LR with Updated Side Table and ElephantA strange thing happened when I switched out the 3 tier table we had in that spot for this $5 table.  I liked the living room significantly more!  I was contemplating replacing my thrift store find glass lamp but it totally works on the shorter table. Imagine that – scale actually matters!  Here’s a side view of the table.  I just love those gorgeous lines. (Please ignore the cords.  Turns out you have to plug lamps in to get them to provide light.)

LR Updated Side Table - Side ViewI didn’t manage to take pictures from exactly the same angles, but look at the difference between the old (too tall) table and the new (correct height) table.  What a happy accident that we found this table for such a steal!

LR Before and After Updated Side Table #thissarahlovesHave you made any small changes that changed how you felt about other furniture / the room as a whole?

Heart Sarah

P.S. Have a happy Labor Day weekend!  And be sure to stop by on Tuesday at 9am Eastern.  I’ve teamed up with

Corey from TinySidekick, Katie from Upcycled Treasures, Jamie from So Much Better With Age, and Katie from My DIY Habits to bring your 5 different Fall Tables!

Group Series - Promotion Collage for Fall Tables with Dates


11 thoughts on “Summer Project #2 Completed: The $5 Table.

  1. I LOVE that table. Such amazing lines, and it looks so much happier now. Amazing what a little proper scale will do for ya!

    • Thanks Lauren! I think it takes some imagination and a healthy dose of insanity to lug an ugly table home in the hopes of transforming it. Glad this one worked out – although I did threaten to throw it away at least once during the makeover process! 🙂

  2. Favorite part of your post:
    “(Please ignore the cords. Turns out you have to plug lamps in to get them to provide light.)”
    Funny as.
    Also, I cannot believe you got that lamp at a thrift store too??
    Anyway, love the white/grey combo. Looks fantastic.

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