Ikea Obsessions

Did your Ikea catalog come in the mail yet? We got ours just before we left for California. Luckily, my parents had also received theirs, so I’ve been able to browse through it multiple times. Did you fall in love with any new items? I fell head over heels for the new Stockholm collection.

Favorite Finds - Ikea 2014
I like the tall cabinets, although I’m not loving the color options (off-white or yellow). At $399 it packs a lot of design punch for the dollar though. I’m looking forward to seeing the quality in store.

I like the new flat-woven Moroccan-esque rugs. I do wish it came in colors other than brown or yellow. What about a burnt orange? Or dark navy blue? Those would go well with the design on the rug. (It’s $199 for an almost 5’7 x 7’10.)

While I have color complaints about the first two products I’m positively drooling over that camel leather sofa! Oh that color! I can just imagine how gorgeous two of them would look in my living room … BUT they are $1799 each. Yikes! That’s SO not happening around here any time soon. {I also haven’t seen it in person yet, so I’m secretly hoping that I hate something about it when I see it in person… Is that wrong?)

Did you have any favorites in the new catalog? I was really hoping to see some new patterned curtains, but no such luck! Hopefully they’ll get some in later in the year.

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