Little Boy Blue: Rag Quilt

Baby Boy Blue - Rag Quilt 3

This is the rag quilt I made for my friend’s little boy.  He’s about 2.5 years old & it was the first time I ever made a rag quilt for a non-baby.  It was fun to see his reaction to the blanket – he was very excited about it, which made it extra special!

This quilt was designed to coordinate with his baby sister’s rag quilt, which I made partly as a “thank you for taking us in when DC lost power last summer” gift and partly as a congratulations on your new adorable baby girl gift.  Unfortunately, I failed to take proper pictures of the baby girl quilt, so the best I can do is an in-progress pic I sent to my mom. {Sorry for the photo quality.  BUT isn’t that pink and green paisley GORGEOUS?!}

Paisley and Pink - Rag Quilt

I went hunting for little boy fabric that would give a similar feeling to the little girl quilt, without all the pink.  It was fun to be able to message pictures to my friend to get her opinion on colors and prints.  She had mentioned that she wanted some blue to the quilt.  I wanted to bring in some green to tie it into the baby girl quilt & of course there had to be some houndstooth too!

This is the first selection of fabrics that I sent to my friend.  {All found at JoAnns)Baby Boy Blue - Rag Quilt 1

She vetoed the bicycles, so we went with the typewriter letters as the main print.  I vetoed the argyle & found a white and green bubble print instead.  At some point I added some white & the solid green was replaced by a blue and grey stripe.

Baby Boy Blue - Rag Quilt 2

Here’s what the quilt looks like before all the stitching and snipping starts. {This is usually when I get super nervous.  Luckily I pressed on & I have to say, I LOVE how this blanket turned out!}

Baby Boy Blue - Rag Quilt 4

I’m ashamed to say it took more than 6 months to finally get this blanket done, but I finished it & delivered it to it’s new owner before we left for California!  Next up; a rag quilt for our niece due October 3rd!  I better get started…

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Baby Boy Blue - Rag Quilt 3

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21 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue: Rag Quilt

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  2. These are beautiful, I love how you pick out the patterns you are using and the overall look at the end. I definitely wish I knew how to make one of these!

    • Thanks Steph! It just feels more special than buying something in the store – plus it gives me another creative outlet, which is always a good thing!

    • Thanks Kenley! I always procrastinate on making them, and I don’t know why because once I get going, I love the process & how they turn out. 🙂 I’ll try to take more progress pics on the next one. 🙂

    • Thanks! I changed it up a bit for these two quilts & although there’s a bit more cutting and sewing involved doing 4 small squares next to the big one, I love how it turned out!

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