Creating Storage in a Retro Stereo Cabinet

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Filling up the shelves - #thissarahloves

On Wednesday I showed you how we made & affixed the wine racks where the speakers used to be in our retro stereo makeover.  Today I’m back to show you how we created some extra storage shelves where the record player and radio used to be.

Here’s the view from above of the deep and shallow storage BEFORE we installed the shelves.  As you can see, I painted the inside a bright green.  {I still want to paint something in Dill Pickle and Scotch Lassie eventually though!}

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Making Shelves and Painting - #thissarahloves

We had 1/4″ MDF shelves cut to fit into each space.  I painted them the same bright green as the sides.  We used a 2×4 to create 6″ tall supports for a shelf to rest on in the deep side & used the leftover supports from the record player for a shelf on the shallow side. Here’s a view of the 2×4 supports from the back – perhaps that will make more sense!

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Shelf Supports - #thissarahloves

Once the shelves were painted and sealed, I carefully dropped them into place.  We didn’t even bother gluing them in since they would be locked in once the back went back on.

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Shelves In - #thissarahloves

One problem we had to deal with was that strange opening to the left of the deep storage.  Initially we used a leftover piece of MDF but we couldn’t get it to adhere.  Boo!  I also thought about stapling fabric behind the opening, which would look great from the inside, but not so hot if you happened to peek through the wine rack.  So we settled on using some foam core.  I was out of green paint at this point, so I painted the front the same blue as the outside of the cabinet and the back the same grey/brown as the inside of the wine racks.  A little bit of hot glue did the trick for adhering it to the cabinet.

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Strange Opening - #thissarahloves

At this point we thought we were done except for screwing the back on again.  Unfortunately once we took care of that we noticed a teeny tiny little gap or two…

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Teeny Tiny Gap - #thissarahloves

Yea, that teeny tiny gap #1 turned out not to be tiny AT ALL & things did not look good from the inside!  Mainly because the inside edge of the back was unfinished and a little rough.  So more foam core to the rescue.  I cut a piece that would fill up the entire back of the deep storage shelf & painted it Cathedral blue too.  Then I simply hot glued it into place.  While I was at it I cut & painted a second small piece which I glued over teeny tiny gap #2 as well.

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Foam Core Inserts Completed - #thissarahloves

Finally we were done & ready to fill it up.  Clearly we need some more bottles to go in the deep storage on the left.  The shallow storage was stocked with our appetizer plates, cheese boards, and small utensils.  Now we’re definitely ready for a cheese & wine night at our house!

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Details - #thissarahloves

Check out all of the details about this makeover by clicking on the links below:


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