Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Finished - #thissarahloves

It’s done!  Finally.  Of course, it wasn’t done until after the sun went down last night and OF COURSE we have a rainy overcast day today. I did the best I could with the pictures, apologies for the graininess – it was that or flash…  I’ll share pictures of the insides & talk more about everything we did to take the cabinet from a non-functioning, scratched-up, free-on-Craigslist retro stereo to a brightly colored wine buffet.

I’m having some trouble deciding how to style it.  I’d prefer to spend the minimum on styling it, so I’ll be shopping our house.  I might hit up the thrift store though, to see if they have any cool decanters.  I think they would look great on a round tray on top.  Of course, I also don’t have a round tray…  How would you style this?  Should I add a lamp (or two?)

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - In Living Room - #thissarahloves

I hung our existing engineering prints (which used to be over the couch in the living room) over the buffet.  Ideally I’d love to add two long floating shelves over the cabinet to house glassware, but I don’t want to make big holes in the walls, since we rent.

The cabinet itself is Behr’s Cathedral.  The wine rack inserts are Behr’s Harbor.  I made DIY chalk paint with both colors and sealed it with Minwax Polycryclic.  (You can read more about my sealing disaster here).

Can you believe this used to look like this?!?

Summer Projects - Retro Stereo Cabinet - all the guts

Check back next week for photos of the inside, to hear how we made those awesome wine racks, & for a full cost breakdown!

Heart Sarah

Check out all of the details about this makeover by clicking on the links below:


18 thoughts on “Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover

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  2. I’m so behind on my blog reading, but I’ve been saving your posts to sit and enjoy. I LOVE this piece and what you did with it. It’s so great and I can’t get over the color. Well done, my friend!

    • Thanks Danielle! I got super behind a few weeks ago, so I know the feeling. Glad you like the color, I’m so happy I didn’t go with the navy blue I had initially envisioned – this color is just the right hue. 🙂

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  4. That is awesome! Love the use the wine storage. Great eye to see the potential, I sure didn’t in the before picture I had to scroll back up to make sure it was the same piece of furniture, I thought I had scrolled to far and was looking at another post *head desk*

    Manda Wolf @ Our Wolf Den

    • Hi Manda! Thanks! The ‘before’ picture is a little confusing because its of the back of the cabinet. We were too hasty to rip all the guts out to take proper before pictures. We’re excited to have somewhere cool to store some wine – now we just need to buy a few more bottles to fill up all the spaces!

  5. love it! what a fabulous transformation! I’m thinking something tall on one side of it….like maybe a lamp. or would putting those giraffes on top of it be too much? maybe.

    • Thanks Gretchen! I think it needs some height too. I haven’t tried the giraffes on top – they may be a little too tall – but it’s worth a try! I’m also planning on sneaking away this week to see what the thrift stores have to offer. I’m sure I’ll find something to add there soon. Sarah

  6. It looks so good!! I definitely think a lamp on top would be nice, and the decanters on a tray sounds pretty too. Definitely check out some thrift stores, I think you can get the most for your money there and you never know what good finds you’ll come across!

    • Thanks Steph! I definitely need to hit up the thrift stores this week & see what they have. Perhaps I’ll find a cool lamp and some other decorative accessories. For now I’m just happy that the cabinet is no longer in the middle of our dining room full of wet paint! Sarah

  7. I love the idea of a round tray to balance the lines. I think acrylic and gold would look fabulous. I know a lot of the summer Threshold and Jonathan Adler collection are on clearance at Target, so if you do have to shop, that might be a cheap option 🙂

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