Travel Map on the Wall

I love maps & would really like to add a large world map to our place at some point.  I am SERIOUSLY in love with the way Sarah (aka the Thrifty Decor Chick) framed this giant Ikea map & made vinyl stickers to show the places that her family members have traveled.


I also like the graphic nature of these two world map version, although since you can’t really tell which country is which, it would be less exciting as a travel-log map.

{1, 2}

Oh and I can’t forget my favorite set of maps (I especially love the Africa one) but at 299 each, this will probably never happen…


Do you have a favorite way to document your travels?  Or perhaps you share my love of maps?

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7 thoughts on “Travel Map on the Wall

  1. My parents now have a ‘map’ wall in their house. They have those cool gallery tracks at the top, so it’s easy to add/move/rearrange things. There’s some great old ones, the one we all love most if the biggest one of the town we grew up in – complete with our street on it!

    • Oh I love to pick up art when we travel (even if it’s just some postcards) and an old school map from a French flea market sounds like the PERFECT souvenir.

  2. I love maps, and Dave loves them even more….so it’s surprising we don’t have more around. That reminds me that we have an antique map of Boston that I bought him when we got married (so nearly 14 years ago) that we STILL need to get framed.

    • I think we only have 2 maps (and one is a word map, rather than a map map) framed. I think it’s about time to get that Boston map framed. Perhaps you can trick Dave into making a frame for it? 🙂 The nice thing about maps is that they can just hang out in those cardboard tubes until we get around to framing them. And since it’s antique, it’s not like it’s going to become obsolete…

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