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Summer Projects - Stereo Cabinet - TwoStepsForward

I was so hoping that I would have a finished retro stereo cabinet makeover to show you today. Unfortunately, it’s not quite there yet… At least it’s not laziness that’s to blame. It is however an unfortunate mishap with my beloved wipe-on poly that is at fault. When my mom and I gave the cane love seat and coffee table a little TLC before they came to live with Andy and me, we bought this water-based wipe-on poly to seal them with. The application was super easy and forgiving, so I dug it back out when I started playing around with chalk paint & loved it as much.

While applying the first coat of poly to the buffet, I realized I was running low on Wipe-On Poly, so I was extra careful to do a thin coat, so that I wouldn’t run out midway through. While waiting for the first coat to dry, I looked on the big orange store’s website to see if they had any in stock at my local store, but they didn’t even have it listed on their website, so I checked the big blue store’s website too, with the same results. At this point panic started to set it. Amazon didn’t have any available through Prime either & the thought of waiting a week or more to finish up the buffet wasn’t exactly appealing. I headed to Minwax’s website to see if they listed any additional retailers, and saw these dreaded words “currently available in California”! BOO!

Okay, so new plan. Sand down the wipe-on coat and switch to my other favorite – brush on polycrylic.

Oh how I wish the story ended here!

The next morning I started sanding the buffet. To my horror, the sanding left white streaks in the paint. My extra-fine sanding sponge was distressing my chalk paint & this was decidedly NOT the look I was going for. I freaked out a little, and then realized that my only option was to continue sanding. So I sanded down the whole piece, leaving white marks everywhere. If I was a better blogger, I would’ve taken pictures of this, but I was much too close to tears to even consider it at that moment.

Of course, I had used up all of my paint, so the next morning we headed back to home depot to pick up another sample of gorgeous blue paint. So this weekend I added two more coats of paint to all the large flat surfaces and two coats of poly to the whole thing. I still need to do one more coat of poly on the flat surfaces & finish up the lid (since you can only do one side at a time) which still needs one more coat of paint and at least three coats of poly.

We have guests arriving on Friday, so fingers crossed that we have no more mishaps and I can share the final reveal with you all then!

Heart Sarah


Check out all of the details about this makeover by clicking on the links below:


8 thoughts on “Not quite done

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  3. Oh no! It’s so frustrating when stuff like that happens! The cabinet is looking seriously awesome, I can’t wait to see it totally finished 🙂

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