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I finally feel like I have enough posts to warrant having project galleries.  I played around a bit with the different WordPress template options & created picture galleries with clickable links to each project.

You can click here to go to the project galleries page.

Project Galleries

You can also go to each sub-page by hovering over the project galleries link in the sub-header under my blog name.

I also plan on creating galleries for the following 3 categories (although these have not been created yet!):

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What other categories would you like to see / do you suggest I make?  Any tweaks you think I need?  I hope this will make my blog a little easier to navigate!

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Inspired by Orange and Mint: Design Collaboration

Hi Everyone

This week I joined forces with some amazing ladies to bring you a selection of mood boards all based on the same picture. Fun right? Here’s the inspiration picture. Mint and citrus. What’s not to love?


Here’s my mood board.

Tangerine Hues Bedroom Mood Board

{Sarah from This Sarah Loves}

These colors inspired me to create a restful guest room mood board.

I wanted the room to have an airy feel so I used lots of white & leggy furniture pieces. I love the idea of mismatched nightstands – updating an old curvy dresser in fresh mint for one side (I just want to go steal Chelsea from Making Home Base‘s gorgeous minty dresser) and a more masculine grey desk for the other side paired with a tangerine tabouret chair. Fluffy white bedding and a mostly white & orange rug keep things fresh. Adding grey stripe sheets add some masculinity to the girly duvet, allowing all guests to feel at home.

As you might already know, I adore the Stria bed’s raw wood & I’d add some salvaged wood frames to bring nature in. Fill those same frames with bright and colorful art & add a bronze rhino (because honestly, why would you NOT want a bronze rhino in your guest room?) to add a touch of whimsy. The capiz shell drum shade would add the perfect amount of luxury (but the price is insane. Boo!)

Floral Art // Hive Vases // Mint Pillow // Gray Stripe Sheet Set // Stria Bed // Mint Night Stand // Reclaimed Frames // Orange Rug // Pintuck Duvet // New York Print // Tangerine Tabouret Chair // Grey Threshold Desk // Capiz Drum Shade // Los Angeles Print // Bronze Rhino

You can check out my Pinterest board for easy links to all the sources.


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{Furniture Fix-Up} Retro Stereo to Wine Buffet

I still owe you a proper before & after post and a budget breakdown of how we transformed our Craigslist find from a non-working vintage stereo with peeling laminate to a fun and functional wine buffet.  So here it is!

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Finished - #thissarahloves

If you’ve been following along, you now that we added those wine racks where the speakers used to be.  We also gutted the inside and created storage for our appetizer plates, as well as other bottles and pitchers.

Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - Filling up the shelves - #thissarahloves

Here’s what we used to make this all happen.  I’m dividing the list into (1) Things we had to buy, (2) Things we had already but we hadn’t used for another project, (3) Things we had leftover from another project, and (4) Tools we already owned.

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Dumpster Diving for a Headboard

Yup, that’s right.  I went “dumpster diving” for a new guest room headboard.  Well that’s sort of a lie… At our complex we have a semi-enclosure around the dumpsters & people place furniture they no longer want next to the trash, but inside this area.  I’m assuming the logic is, either someone will take it, or the garbage truck will pick it up.  Long story short, Andy calls this “Donating to the Universe”.  The Universal Donation Center has been very good to us over the last year of living here, but this has to be our best find yet!

Guest Room - Furniture Fixup Headboard - #thissarahloves

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From Speakers to Wine Rack: Transforming our Retro Stereo Cabinet

On Friday I showed off our finished wine buffet, which started its life as a retro stereo cabinet, which we found for free on Craigslist!  Today I’m back to share how we made the wine racks to fit into the old speaker spaces.Retro Stereo Cabinet Makeover - In Living Room - #thissarahloves

I still feel like an awful blogger for failing to snap a proper before picture.  But that’s water under the bridge right.  Here’s what it looked like (from the back) right after Andy stripped the components (and insulation) out.  From the front it looked very similar to this one, except with more molding detail on the front.

Summer Projects - Retro Stereo Cabinet - StrippedOnce the components were stripped out we wanted to create wine storage where the speakers had been, and under the lid where the record player and radio had been, create deep storage for pitchers and other alcohol, and shallower storage for appetizer plates & cheese knives.  This may give you a better idea of our vision.

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Exploring the City

Happy Monday friends.  Thank you for all your kind comments about our re-done retro stereo cabinet on Friday.  I’ll be back later in the week with lots of details about the making of the new wine buffet!July Tourists in DC


We had some friend from college in town this weekend & we spent Friday and Saturday exploring DC with them.  We took a dusk walking tour of the National Mall on Friday which I would highly recommend!  {I wasn’t paid or perked for that link – we just really liked the tour & would use them again in the future!}

On Saturday we went to the Library of Congress, which is gorgeous, the Supreme Court, which was draped in a picture of the Supreme Court (not kidding), and the Capitol.  Next we hopped on a bus to Georgetown where we refused to stand in the ridiculously long line for Georgetown Cupcake, and instead ate an early dinner & then got treats from Baked & Wired.  (I’m not a fan of their cupcakes, but I got a gluten free caramel blondie and it was delicious!)

Here’s a bigger picture of the walls & ceilings inside the Library of Congress.  Impressive, no?

Library of Congress Detail


Needless to say, there wasn’t any DIYing around here this weekend.  We’re just happy we managed to put all of our projects away before the guests arrived on Friday!

What did you do this weekend?

Heart Sarah