Picking Colors for the Stereo Makeover

Summer Projects - Retro Stereo Cabinet - ColorNormally, we don’t struggle to decide on a color for our makeover projects, but the old stereo cabinet had us stumped. My instinct was navy blue and I think Andy was leaning towards white. {Could we be any further apart?} So we grabbed a ton of additional paint chips & stood around staring at them, slowly eliminating ones for being  too light or too dark or too green or too gray or too baby blue etc.

We narrowed it down to 4 charts, but we just weren’t sure, so I started browsing on Pinterest & found this dresser from Thrifty Decor Chick that I fell in love with as soon as she blogged about it.  The color is Aubusson Blue from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Lucky for me, Andy liked to color too!

{Please pin from original source}

Unfortunately Annie Sloan isn’t in the budget for this project.  Fortunately, I came across this awesome pin next, where Mandie color matched Annie Sloan colors to Behr and Sherwin Williams paints.  Apparently Aubusson Blue was a close match to Behr’s Cathedral.

{Please pin from original source}

I looked over to the final four color charts we hadn’t eliminated & Behr’s Cathedral was on one of those cards!  (What are the odds?)  Not only that, but Behr’s Cathedral is also just one color below our other favorite – Behr’s Harbor (which is the color I painted our Craigslist bench).

Now I’m trying to decide what color to paint the inside of the cabinet (for the hidden storage under the lid).  I’m deciding between a bright green or a saturated aqua.  I’m also contemplating just mixing up my own color using some of the leftover paints we have lying around.  Here are my current favorites – Dill Pickle and Scotch Lassie with Cathedral in the middle for reference.  What’s your favorite?

Summer Projects - Stereo Cabinet - Color Options

As you can probably gather, this weekend’s plans include picking a color for the inside of the cabinet, finishing the paint job on the outside, and figuring out how to create the wine rack inserts.  What’s on your agenda?

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Check out all of the details about this makeover by clicking on the links below:


5 thoughts on “Picking Colors for the Stereo Makeover

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  2. Another vote for Scotch Lassie! (I do tend to gravitate to paints named after dogs, though….). I saw a bench just like yours at a yard sale today, and I was very tempted after seeing yours. But I have nowhere to put it! and also it wasn’t free 🙂

    • Thanks Anjana! I’m loving the Scotch Lassie too. Mixing paint could be exciting and terrifying at the same time. I have some extra grey paint and some very bright green. I’m wondering if I’d get a nice greenish gray if I mixed them… I’m scared I’ll just get a nasty brown color!

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