Summer Projects on our To Do List

Hi Bloggy Friends

I’ve been an awful blogger.  It’s not for lack of doing projects, but rather lack of taking pictures & writing up what we’ve been up to!  Andy’s officially on Summer break & although he won’t be home all day all Summer, he’s got a bunch more free time & we’re tackling some fun projects.  We already have three projects in the works, so I thought it was time for a proper update.

Summer Project #1 is another Craigslist Free find!  Andy spotted this retro stereo cabinet & we decided to take it on as a project.  Unfortunately, I neglected to snap a before picture – but it looks similar to this one, although with a bit more molding on the front.  Here it is before and after Andy ripped all the guts out.  On the list of things to go: nasty installation, six speakers, the record player, the enclosure for the radio, and lots of cobwebs!

Summer Projects - Retro Stereo Cabinet - all the guts

Summer Projects - Retro Stereo Cabinet - Stripped

Now that it’s been cleaned up and sanded we’re planning on painting it a fun color, adding wine racks where the speakers used to be & some hidden storage where the radio & record player used to be.  We’re so excited to share our progress with you.  For now, we’re waiting for wood filler to dry as we had some peeling / chipped veneer on the top to deal with.

Summer Project #2 is this cute little side table we found at Goodwill last weekend.  We stopped in on a whim & found that they were having a 50% off furniture sale.  Although they barely carry any furniture at this Goodwill location these days, Andy spotted this cute little table.  Not even the cashier could believe the price!

Summer Projects - Five Dollar Goodwill Table

The plan is to go for a two-toned look.  I’m making some progress, although the white paint is giving me a little bit of trouble on coverage.  Fingers crossed that a good in-between-coats sanding and one more coat does the trick!

Finally (for now) is Summer Project #3.  We found two patio chairs & a little table at the Universal Donation Center (aka placed next to our complex’s dumpsters).  We happened upon the set just as we gave up hope of ever finding a cute little patio table for a reasonable price.  I carted the table home right away & Andy decided to grab to chairs too, even though we don’t really have space for them at the moment {then again, that’s pretty much the story of this post}.  Andy’s been sanding and repainting these guys to update our little patio & I can’t wait to show them to you!

Here’s a look at what they looked like when we found them.  Would you have carted them home?  Or are you more likely to have dropped them off at the universal donation center yourself?

Summer Projects - Universe Donated Patio Chairs - Before

Well that’s what’s going on around here!  You can follow our progress (and see lots of pictures of Penelope) on Instagram (thissarahloves).  What are your Summer plans?

Heart Sarah


10 thoughts on “Summer Projects on our To Do List

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  5. Great finds! I can’t wait to see how all of these turn out. I would totally have grabbed those chairs! The shape is great, and once they’re cleaned up and painted with some fun cushions I think they’ll look awesome!

    • Thanks Steph! I need to get some / paint some fun fabric for outdoor pillow covers. I was hoping those ladybug pillow covers at World Market would go on sale, but it seems that they’ve sold out before going on sale.

  6. I’d have definitely brought the patio set home too – I’d love something similar for our garden (which is nowhere near finished). I think they’ll look great after a repaint and I like the unique detailing on the end of the arms – great find!

    • Thanks for making me feel less awkward about lugging furniture home from the dumpster! We picked up a hammered metal finish spray paint to help the uneven surface from the chips and rust blend in & I can’t wait to show them off when they’re all done! They’re super comfortable too – so I definitely think it will be worth the cost of 2 cans of spray paint!

  7. We have chairs exactly like that (complete with chipping black paint)! You’re forgiven for not documenting the stereo cabinet process so far, but we are going to see the all done pics soon, right?!

    • Thanks for the forgiveness. 😉 The stereo cabinet is in progress. I’ve got the first coat of paint on the body of the cabinet, but all the insides & the legs still need paint. We’re also waiting on a hole saw for our wine racks, so you might have to wait a little while for the full reveal, but maybe I’ll be able to show off the GORGEOUS color we chose after the weekend!

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