Quick Craft: Bleach Pen Fail

The other week I decided to attempt another quick craft.  I’ve been trying to figure out what cushion covers I want to make for the love seat in the guest room.  I decided to try my hand at using a bleach pen to get some interest patterns on fabric – I was inspired by Megan’s gorgeous bleach pen curtains.  Here you can see the squares I drew on the fabric with my bleach pen.Bleach Pen Craft Fail
I followed Megan’s instructions, but unfortunately the bleach pen did NOTHING to my fabric. I’m not sure if it was user error or bleach pen error, but something clearly went wrong. In retrospect, I never smelled any bleach, so I’m wondering if somehow the bleach pen went bad?  I’d love to try this again.  Perhaps using a different piece of fabric & a brand-new bleach pen.

Have you had any success making bleach pen designs?

Heart Sarah


4 thoughts on “Quick Craft: Bleach Pen Fail

    • Thanks Danielle! It had so much promise … until nothing actually got bleached… I’ll be sure to share any success/failure I have with my next attempt!

    • I know! I was so excited. I saw a tutorial on Pinterest just using straight bleach, which I’m planning on trying this weekend – hopefully it turns out this time…

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