Quick Craft: Faux Milk Glass & Paint Chip Art

Milk Glass Bottle and Paint Chip Art
If you follow me on Instagram* you probably saw my Sunday at 10pm project – the faux milk glass bottle.  It was a fun and easy project.  I had peeled the labels off & sent the empty salad dressing bottle through the dishwasher.  Then I used some nail polish remover to get rid of the use by date stamp on the glass.

I didn’t take any progress pictures because it’s pretty much exactly as it seems.  Squirt paint into bottle.  Rotate bottle allowing paint to cover all surfaces.  Turn bottle over on a piece of cardboard and allow extra paint to drip out.  Turn bottle right side up, wipe excess paint off the bottle mouth & let it dry.  {I probably wouldn’t put water in this vase & the paint is definitely not dishwasher safe!}
Milk Glass Bottle with Craft Paint
Since I don’t have any other empty salad dressing bottles (why oh why did I throw all of those other bottles out?) the bottle looked a little lonely.  My eye fell on the stack of paint chips that I’ve gathered between looking for the right color for the recently repainted nightstands & the Craigslist bench.  I had grabbed a few Glidden swatches, but since I’m now officially a Behr paint convert, I knew I wouldn’t be using those swatches in the future.

Here’s what I grabbed to create my circle art.
Paint Chip Circle Art - Supplies Needed

A circle punch.  Leftover paint chips.  Double sided tape squares.

As you can (sort-of) see I got 2.5 circles out of every card.  This was exactly the right amount to cover the 5″x7″ frame I had available.  I spent some time arranging and rearranging the circles until I was happy with their placement.  Then I just slid the circles off the paper & taped them back in the same arrangement.  I carefully cut the overhanging pieces off & popped the paper into the frame.
Paint Chip Circle Art - Framed
I’m loving the lighter blue colors I used here.  Oh and did I mention that I spent $0 on these projects since I already had all of the supplies lying around? Quick AND Budget Savvy Project!

What projects have you started at 10pm?
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12 thoughts on “Quick Craft: Faux Milk Glass & Paint Chip Art

  1. Love the paint chip project. I may have to do that. I’m pretty sure you can use whatever paint color you want in whatever paint you want. I bought a Sherwin-Williams swatch book when we moved into our house and I always pick colors out of there and take it to the hardware stores and have them paint match it. Never hurts to go up to the counter and ask if you can have that color in such and such brand of paint.

    Manda @ Our Wolf Den

    • Good point Manda! Now that I’ve found a paint counter where they actually care to be helpful, I could try that. The last place we were going to always just wanted to “color match” which never gives me the exact color I had in mind!

  2. I don’t know what it is about this blue, but I completely dig it. Very cute!

    A quick heads up about the circle art… I did one of these last summer the exact same way. However, the art was in a room that gets pretty warm and the tape didn’t hold even though the art was framed and under glass. I ended up needing to Mod Podge the whole thing. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck than I did, but just thought I’d share.

    • Thanks Danielle. I agree – there’s just something about that blue! Thanks for the tip about the circle art! I’ll keep an eye on it & the ModPodge at the ready! πŸ™‚

    • The punch turned it into a 5 minute project, which is nice. I would love to play around with different shapes at some point, but this was super easy. πŸ™‚

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