Adding another pop of teal

Gallery Wall Update with Teal Frames Close-up

I finally got the large frames in our master bedroom gallery wall repainted.  They started off brown.  I decided to paint them white to brighten then up, but the spray paint caused some weird bubbling. (I assumed it was user error and decided to try again).  Once it warmed up and I could spray paint again, I fell in love with Krylon’s Catalina Mist.  I sanded to frames & tried again.  Yet again we had some bubbling and TERRIBLE coverage.  I used up the entire can and could not get good coverage on the frames!  Ugh.

So we grabbed some bright teal Rustoleum spray paint (in Satin Lagoon) on our next trip to Home Depot.  It took a few weekends for the wind to play along, but the frames are finally painted.  And it took less than half a can!  So moral of the story is that I’ll be sticking to Rustoleum from now on!  Oh and the color looks great paired with the black frames.

Gallery Wall Update with Teal Frames

You can see what the gallery wall used to look like here.  If you’re super observant you might have also noticed that Geoffrey Giraffe also got a coat of Satin Lagoon in Monday’s post.  Doesn’t he look dapper?  I think he needs a coat of high gloss poly though…

Updated Nighstands 2

Have you had any spray painting adventures lately?  Do you have a favorite brand?

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