Painting Problems & Striped Utensil Inspiration

Although there are many DIY projects on the list, I’ve had limited success getting the completed.  The weather has not been playing along with my spray painting ideas – we have half-painted picture frames, ceramic animals, and a patio table.

I also started repainting my night stand {I went with Tide Pools} but ran into a little trouble.  Yea, I’m having so serious bleed-through. We inherited these night stands painted black, then I primed them and painted one teal (the same color as the drawer) and never painted the other one.  Then they both when dark gray, then light gray.  This weekend I sanded it, and started with the aqua.  Clearly, more prep is required.  I’m thinking of stripping off the paint (rather than just sanding) and then re-prime and re-paint in aqua.

What would you do?

Nightstands Problems with Paint

Speaking of painting, I’ve been wanting to tackle a project inspired by these fun pins! {Please pin from original sources!}



Don’t you think these Ikea utensil set would work perfectly? {It’s just $3.99!}

I think painting these utensils and pairing them with my ombre stripe tea towels would make for great housewarming presents for all of our friends who are moving!

Heart Sarah


4 thoughts on “Painting Problems & Striped Utensil Inspiration

  1. Love your idea of this! I have so many test paints that I could use to do this for a housewarming, bridal shower, etc. gift. Stopping by from Work Your Wardrobe!

  2. Love your idea of pairing the painted utensils with the ombre tea towels! People can always use those!
    If it were me, I would probably strip and re-prime the nightstands. Totally sucks to have to do all of that, but it would also be super frustrating to keep layering on paint and have it bleeding through. Good luck with those, I hope you can figure out a solution!

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