Mid-Century Modern Footstool

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed the awesome mid-century modern footstool I scored at the thrift store last Friday!  I stopped by on a whim & couldn’t leave without this guy.  It seemed like a good purchase for $15.  Penny approves too.

Midcentury Modern Footstool with Penelope - ThisSarahLoves

It needed/needs a little TLC though.  The vinyl was filthy, and the legs need to be sanded and re-stained.  The little brass pieces also need some attention – I’m hoping some brasso will do the trick, but perhaps I’ll have to use rub ‘n buff.

Here’s a quick before and after of the vinyl.  Can you believe it?!  YUCK on that before.

Midcentury Modern Footstool - How to Clean Old Vinyl - ThisSarahLoves

My lovely instagram friend Sarah suggested that I try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get through the grime.  Seemed like a great idea, so I grabbed one and started scrubbing.  It was working on the solid parts, but do you see that indented “rope” design?  Well I couldn’t get the grime out of the corners on that.  Next I tried watered down Mrs Meyers and a scrub brush.  Nada.  Vinegar and a scrub brush.  Nothing.  Then I remembered that we have this sonic scrubber brush, so I switched to full-strength Mrs Meyers and the sonic brush.  Which worked!  Success!  I then gave it a final scrubbing with some Method Dish Soap and the scrubber brush & then rinse and wipe it all clean.  What a difference.  I mean it turns out the thing is a whole different shade of orange!

Midcentury Modern Footstool Before and After - ThisSarahLoves

We haven’t quite settled on where it will live.  For now it is Penelope’s footstool to get on the bed with.  I like the addition of pops of orange in our bedroom.  I also like the idea of placing it at the front entry for people to use when putting on / taking off their shoes.  Penelope really likes to sit on it and stare out of the slider when it’s in the living room.  Where would you use a footstool like this?

Midcentury Modern Footstool Full View - ThisSarahLoves

Heart Sarah

Linking up at Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Feature Friday and Give me the Goods Monday #8!


13 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern Footstool

  1. This is awesome! So great that you saved the original integrity! What a fantastic piece! Thanks for linking up with Give Me the Goods Monday!
    Amy @www.commona-myhouse.blogspot.com

  2. great job cleaning it up–I love it! You could always send it me to use as an ottoman for the rocker in Abe’s nursery if you can’t figure out where else to use it 😉

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