DIY Striped Tea Towels

DIY Ombre Striped Tea Towels - ThisSarahLoves
A couple weeks ago, Michelle {from Decor and the Dog} shared some ombre striped tea towels she and her friends made.  And I LOVED the idea.  So I picked up the supplies to make a few of my own.

  • craft paint
  • tea towels (I used flour sack towels from Target. $3.99 for 4)
  • fabric medium (Found a small bottle at JoAnns for $1.99)
  • blue tape

DIY Ombre Striped Tea Towels - Four Color Choices - ThisSarahLoves
Tape off the stripes, making sure to press the tape onto the fabric well, randomly varying the thickness of the stripes.  (Occasionally I had to ask Andy where my next stripe should be, because I can’t really do truly random).  Mix the paint with fabric medium (2-to-1).  Paint the first stripe.  Mix in white paint, paint the next stripe.  Repeat.   When the paint is fully dry (24-48 hours according to my paint medium), heat set the paint (follow the instructions on the paint medium).
DIY Ombre Striped Tea Towels - Two Blue Towels - ThisSarahLovesEnjoy your awesome new tea towels in your own kitchen or give them as fun handmade gifts to your friends!
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18 thoughts on “DIY Striped Tea Towels

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    • To be honest, I gave them all away, so I have no idea. I’ll look at the ones I sent my mom when we visit & let you know. I did warn the recipients that these are more decorative that utilitarian, so I’m hoping they’re holding up well!

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  3. Very cute! I’m guessing that the heat “seals” the paint and makes them safe to wash? Do they feel soft, or are they kind of stiff? I’m guess I’m asking are these usable or on Friends, when Monica has 27 categories of towels, are these “Fancy Guest” type? 😎

    • Thanks Christy!
      The fabric medium is the key to getting the paint not to feel stiff. On some of the stripes I definitely didn’t add enough fabric medium (it should be two parts paint to one part fabric medium) and they are a little stiff. Ironing seals the paint & then they can be laundered. It also softens up the paint a bit.
      I’m planning on using these for decoration mostly, but they can definitely be used for resting hot things on / mopping up water. I’m not sure I would actually use them to dry dishes or hand though. So I guess I’m filing them in the “Decorative, but could still do the job in a pinch” category! 🙂 Hope that helps. I mostly think they’ll be fun to include as part of a housewarming gift / hostess gift.

    • They are totally doable! There was no ruler or measuring involved! The trickiest part is ironing them afterwards to make sure the paint sets. I’m definitely feeling color recently & I like that on something like tea-towels it is non-permanent, so I can change my mind if I want to.

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