April in Review

I checked a few projects off the April to-do list!  The biggest one, which wasn’t on the list was moving URLs to {thissarahloves.wordpress.com}!  Oh and just to warn you, there are LOTS of photos in this post.

iDyed Chair Slipcovers - Navy Cotton Both Chairs Hexagon String Art Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Panels Gallery Wall - Semi-Symmetry

I still need to finish up the loveseat in the guest room – the chair covers need to be dyed to match the living room cushions & I need to sew some fun covers for the scatter cushions on the loveseat.  I also still need to share the new mirror I added in there!

In April I also had an “April Goals” list for non-home related things.  Overall we succeeded on all but one of the goals – we still need to host our backyard BBQ!  Weather in the DC area hasn’t been very reliable, but hopefully May will bring warmer weekends!

We made it down to the Tidal Basin in time to see the last of the Cherry Blossoms!  We also played tourist with Andy’s parents and checked out the Mall between the Lincoln and the Washington Memorials.

Cherry Blossoms 2013 Close-upPlaying Tourist - View from the Lincoln

I didn’t add a ton to my Spring closet, but I found a few great pieces.  Some coral and gold ballet flats that I can actually walk in (woohoo!).  Cute grey dress pants with the most beautiful finishing touches on the inside.  Two cute summery shirts from H&M and a very bold shift dress for work!

April Spring Closet Update

We also made good on our goal to spend more time with friends and outside.  Here are a few of the instagrams I captured on our walks /  dog park visits / outside projects.

April Spring Outside

What did you get done in April? What’s on your May to do list?
Heart Sarah


4 thoughts on “April in Review

    • Fingers crossed. I limited myself to just one outdoor container (we have a tiny patio) and we planted it last weekend. Hopefully there isn’t a cold snap!

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