Adding another pop of teal

Gallery Wall Update with Teal Frames Close-up

I finally got the large frames in our master bedroom gallery wall repainted.  They started off brown.  I decided to paint them white to brighten then up, but the spray paint caused some weird bubbling. (I assumed it was user error and decided to try again).  Once it warmed up and I could spray paint again, I fell in love with Krylon’s Catalina Mist.  I sanded to frames & tried again.  Yet again we had some bubbling and TERRIBLE coverage.  I used up the entire can and could not get good coverage on the frames!  Ugh.

So we grabbed some bright teal Rustoleum spray paint (in Satin Lagoon) on our next trip to Home Depot.  It took a few weekends for the wind to play along, but the frames are finally painted.  And it took less than half a can!  So moral of the story is that I’ll be sticking to Rustoleum from now on!  Oh and the color looks great paired with the black frames.

Gallery Wall Update with Teal Frames

You can see what the gallery wall used to look like here.  If you’re super observant you might have also noticed that Geoffrey Giraffe also got a coat of Satin Lagoon in Monday’s post.  Doesn’t he look dapper?  I think he needs a coat of high gloss poly though…

Updated Nighstands 2

Have you had any spray painting adventures lately?  Do you have a favorite brand?

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Vintage Modern Bathroom Mood Board

I’m in love with Rifle Paper Company’s Wildflower wrapping paper.  It’s not really my usual style, so I’ve been day dreaming about a way I could incorporate it into our house.  I think decorating an entire room (like the guest room) around this paper may lead to too much of an old lady feeling, but I think a small bathroom would be perfect!

So here’s how I would decorate a mint/white/grey bathroom inspired by the Wildflower print.  (That would be if our apartment magically grows a second bathroom sometime in the middle of the night…)

Vintage Modern Bathroom - ThisSarahLoves

I created a Pinterest board for all the sources. {I’ll be adding more pins to this board that would work with this fictional bathroom.}

I think the wrapping paper would look great in a crisp white frame.  Since the paper isn’t too precious, there’s no problem with using it in a high humidity environment.  I’d pair it with a gorgeous mint chevron shower curtain from Nate Berkus, and paint the walls in a fun dark mint.  All the mint needs to be off-set with lots of white and a bit of grey.  The hippo and giraffe vases will bring in a sense of whimsy.  What do you think?  Would you like to visit my fictional mint/white/grey bathroom?

Heart Sarah

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Photo of the Week: Penelope Sleeps In

If you follow me on Instagram {thissarahloves} you’ve already seen these, but they were too cute not to share with everyone! Penelope refused to get out of bed when we were making it on Monday morning, so we made it around her & she popped up over the burlap scatter cushion.  Luckily my phone was lying on my nightstand, so a photo shoot ensued.

Penelope Sleeps In - Teddy Bear Imitation Penelope Sleeps In - Yawn

Yup, I’m 100% sure she knows how adorable she is…

Heart Sarah

Updated Nightstands with DIY Chalkpaint

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

If you’ve been hanging around here for a little while, you might recall that I wanted to change the color of our nightstands.  I had painted the drawer fronts in a fun bright teal (Glidden’s Deepest Aqua) and the base of the cabinets went a light gray.  However, I never sealed the grey paint and after a move and some use, these cabinets were looking a little worse for the wear.  The look also did not work with our new wooden bed AT ALL.

After a little bit of drama to get the paint color I wanted & then some drama trying to get the paint to cover up the old paint, here is where we are today!  Our nightstands are finally coated in some Behr “Tide Pools” with three layers of poly to protect the paint this time!

Updated Nighstands

This is where we started.  The grey and the wood tones just didn’t look right to me.  I didn’t want to go white with the nightstands & the thought of re-doing the drawers made me want to run away.  So I looked to our brightly patterned curtains to find inspiration for a color that would work with the bright teal drawers & I decided that a very light aqua would do the trick.

Nightstand Colors

After much back and forth (and a giant stack of paint chips) I decided on Behr’s Country Mist for the bases.  Unfortunately, Home Depot could not mix my chosen color into a sample size amount.  Boo!  I even tried at two different Home Depots in the hopes that the first guy was just incompetent.  When the second guy couldn’t figure it out either, I had him mix up a sample size of Behr’s Tide Pools instead – the next color down on the paint chip card.

Then this happened…

Nightstands Problems with Paint

Yup, the paint bled right through my beautiful light aqua paint.  I contemplated sanding everything down, and re-priming the bases.  The I considered stripping the nightstands, re-priming, and trying again.  Both of these options seemed like they would require lots of work, supplies I didn’t have on hand, and lots of patience.  Then I remembered that chalk paint is supposed to have magical properties when it comes to covering up.  Since I already had all the supplies to make DIY chalk paint, I decided to take a chance.  I mixed up a batch and lo-and-behold it covered all those ugly bleed-through spots!

Updated Nighstands 2

After two coats of the DIY chalk paint (with a light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper in between), I did three coats of glossy wipe on poly on the nightstands (also with a light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper between coats).  We let it cure for about 48 hours and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

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Favorite Finds: Fabric Bunting

I have a feeling I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve recently starting noticing some really cute fabric bunting on Pinterest & blogs.  I have yet to try my hand at making some, but it doesn’t look to be too difficult.  Of course,  you can also get some pre-made bunting with really nice pattern/color combos on Etsy if you’re not the sewing kind!

Here are a few of my favorites.  Please pin from original sources.




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A Little Lucketts Outing

This weekend we braved the weather and made the trek out to the Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg, VA to see what their Spring Market was all about.  Unfortunately the weather did not play along and we only stayed for a little more than an hour.  Oh and we didn’t buy a single thing…

We did see a few cute things.  {Top Left} I liked this book bundle at Miss Mustard Seed‘s booth.  Unfortunately she was busy when we walked past there, so I didn’t get to meet her.  {Top Right} I was in love with these little kiddie play tents.  Don’t they look super easy to DIY?  I have no idea what they cost – I had stopped looking at prices at this point.  {Bottom Left}  These brightly colored school desks were so fun!  I clearly have no use for one of these but I was strangely drawn to them. {Bottom Right} I just love the combination of the blue paint and stained wood.  The lines on that dresser are pretty great too.  It was sold though.

Lucketts - Fun Finds while Shopping at the Spring Market

Overall, I’d say if you were looking for redone vintage furniture, there were some good finds and decent deals to be had.  Apparently you should go on a Sunday if you want the good deals.  But if you’re used to shopping at Goodwill and repainting your own dresser finds, you’re unlikely to find much you’d like to spend your money.  You will find LOTS of inspiration though!  I do think I’ll go again in the future, but on a Sunday, and only if the weather plays along.

What did you do this weekend?

Heart Sarah

Painting Problems & Striped Utensil Inspiration

Although there are many DIY projects on the list, I’ve had limited success getting the completed.  The weather has not been playing along with my spray painting ideas – we have half-painted picture frames, ceramic animals, and a patio table.

I also started repainting my night stand {I went with Tide Pools} but ran into a little trouble.  Yea, I’m having so serious bleed-through. We inherited these night stands painted black, then I primed them and painted one teal (the same color as the drawer) and never painted the other one.  Then they both when dark gray, then light gray.  This weekend I sanded it, and started with the aqua.  Clearly, more prep is required.  I’m thinking of stripping off the paint (rather than just sanding) and then re-prime and re-paint in aqua.

What would you do?

Nightstands Problems with Paint

Speaking of painting, I’ve been wanting to tackle a project inspired by these fun pins! {Please pin from original sources!}



Don’t you think these Ikea utensil set would work perfectly? {It’s just $3.99!}

I think painting these utensils and pairing them with my ombre stripe tea towels would make for great housewarming presents for all of our friends who are moving!

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