Dyeing for Change

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of a $1 shipping special JoAnns was having, & ordered some packets of navy iDye.  I wanted to dye the cushion covers on the rattan chairs.  The off-white covers were showing their age (and our friends’ inability not to spill when sitting on white).  My mom sewed these covers from some heavy duty cotton curtains, so the fabric itself is still in great condition.  After a nerve-racking hour of watching my entire washer turn navy blue, here’s what the covers looked like.

iDyed Chair Slipcovers - Navy Cotton Both Chairs

I was inspired by Sherry {Young House Love} and Jackie {Teal & Lime} who both used iDye to dye some chair slipcovers.  I knew from their experiences that the dye probably wouldn’t come out the exact color I had imagined, but I really thought they would be a tad more well navy than what they turned out.  Instead we have a blue chambray.  Luckily, its grown on me.

iDyed Chair Slipcovers - Navy Cotton Single Chair

That’s not to say that I didn’t have a momentary freak-out when I realized navy wasn’t going to happen!  But by the time I got the second chair’s covers done I had gotten more used to the color.  I’m also happy to report that, although I dyed each chair’s covers separately, they match perfectly. {Big sigh of relief!}  I’ve also since decided that a true navy blue would have been too dark for the room.

iDyed Chair Slipcovers

I’ll do a step by step post when I get around to dyeing the cushion covers in the guest room.  I think I’m delaying because seeing all of that navy water still scares me!  (It did clean up easily though!)  What do you think?  Have you dyed anything recently?

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19 thoughts on “Dyeing for Change

  1. Unless dyes have changed a lot, the only fabric that dyes well is cotton. I used to dye things a lot in my younger days, and usually always had success. The darker colors are a challenge though. Also, curtains are so easy to make, and you have gazillions of choices with fabric. Sometimes sheets are just the right size. They’re already hemmed!

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  3. I dyed my POANG chair cushion from IKEA. I was hoping for more of a navy and it turned out really similair to the color of you chairs. But, like you said, the color grew on me and the chair works great in my son’s nursery.

    • Thanks! Patterned curtains are hard to find. I share your pain. I love the freshness the green adds to the blue and brown. Good luck hunting down those curtains.

  4. Yellow napkins + navy dye = grey napkins with a yellow edging. It’s ok, dark was what I was hoping for. There’s some dyed grout where a drip escaped, but otherwise no long term damage!. I also tried dying a pale purple dress navy – with mixed results, diff layers ended up diff colours, depending on what they were made of.

    • Isn’t it so strange how dye can take or not take (or come out a completely different color). I think you can only dye something if it’s destined for the trash unless the dye works out already OR if you don’t mind replacing it if things don’t work out. Glad you got away without long term damage!

  5. I’ve never dyed fabric, but it’s on my “gotta try it” list. I would’ve never guessed that you were going for navy (which would’ve looked amazing too) because the lighter color works great in the space. Nicely done. Looking forward to your “how to” process and any tips you learned along the way.

    • Thanks Danielle! Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to dye the other set of covers and actually take some progress pics. I was too terrified of all the navy water to even think of getting my camera the first time around. Sarah

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