Adding pretty patterns

Look at that pretty pattern!  Any guess to what it is on?Ironing Board Cover Close-up

If you were random enough to shout “a new ironing board cover” you win, because I’m betting nobody else got that right!

I love our ironing board – it’s highest setting is nice and tall, so I don’t get a back-ache when ironing and it’s sturdy.  (I believe it’s a Michael Graves ironing board from Target at least 5 years ago).  The cover was a very non-offensive white and blue stripe, but the the white is showing its age & since we hang it behind the guest room door, I figured a pretty cover would be appreciated by more than just me.

I thought about getting one on Etsy (ala Young House Love) but I’m cheap & I’d have to wait for my birthday or Christmas so that someone else could give it to me.  I also thought about making one myself, but it seemed hard.  So while I was delaying making a decision I ran into this cute little guy at TJ Maxx for $5.99.  SOLD.  If I could choose, I’d probably pick something in navy blue, grey, or yellow, but this was the only one.
Ironing Board Cover in the Guest Room

I think the green works nicely in the room & it’s not like it clashes with the navy in there.  For those of you who are interested, the brand is “Honey Can Do” and I got the “premium” cover which is made for frequent ironing (which they define as 3-8 times per month) and comes with an all-in-one 4mm fiber pad.  It has a great snug fit, the pad is substantial, and it looks great.  I’ll let you know if I run into any issues when I actually attempt to use it while ironing!

Ah, it’s the little things right?


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