Easy and Inexpensive Hexagon String Art

Remember how I had a great idea to do a string art project?  Well I DID actually do the project!  I just didn’t get a chance to photograph it, because it was sitting on the floor of the guest room for a few weeks.  Since we had guests staying with us, I had to necessary incentive to get it up on the wall!

Hexagon String Art - Close-up from ournextgreatadventure

What do you think?  I think it turned out well.  I first filled up the whole board with hexagon shapes, but it looked cluttered, so I flipped the board around and started again.  The stringing part was easy except for the few times I crashed my fingers into the nails – but what’s a little bit of blood for the sake of craftiness right?

Here it is in the guest room.  I switched out the small mirror that was there for this art & bought a big mirror for over the loveseat, which I’ll post about soon, I promise!

Hexagon String Art

We need to update the lamps in here, but I’m in no rush.  I also want to paint the nightstand (it’s an Ikea Rast) but I can’t decide on a color scheme, so it’s staying AS-IS for now!  I also like the blue stripe duvet in here, but I think I’ll be stealing it back for our room after the next load of laundry.

Are you behind on sharing any fun projects?

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4 thoughts on “Easy and Inexpensive Hexagon String Art

    • Also, if you can get your husband to nail in the nails for you, you might save yourself some aggravation. Mine just laughed at me for getting frustrated with the process…
      Can’t wait to see what you do!

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