“Look for the helpers”

Normally, I don’t post about tragedies on this blog, but I just wanted to say that our hearts go out to those affected by the Boston bombings.

I noticed a disturbing trend on my FB feed, where a number of people stated that they had “lost faith in humanity” because of this tragedy. For some reason this makes me incredibly sad – that one person / group of people who have no humanity can make you lose faith when so many others have shown the depths of their humanity and their love for fellow man.

I think George Takei said it best.
George Takei - Boston Tragedy

Hope you and your loved ones are safe.


One thought on ““Look for the helpers”

  1. I completely agree. It’s definitely scary and saddening when we see things like this happen, but people need to remember that there is so much more good in this world than evil. I saw a Facebook status yesterday that said that we need to remember that the good in the world far surpasses the evil because if it were the other way around we would have eaten ourselves alive ages ago. I will never be able to understand a human being who wants to inflict pain and suffering on to others but I am always filled with gratitude when I see the wonderful people out there who don’t think twice about helping when tragedies like this take place. Sending my love and thoughts from Canada!!

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