Cherry Blossoms

I owe you a house post, but I’ve been doing too many things to stop to take (and edit) pictures.

  • I’m getting the guest room ready for our guests who are arriving on Wednesday.
  • I moved one of the shelves in our master closet & reorganized the closet.
  • I sewed some scatter cushion covers for my parents’ guest room (per my mom’s request).
  • Penelope and I supervised as Andy finally painted his DIY corn hole board.
  • I finally picked up a paint sample for the nightstands – the very nice guy at HD also couldn’t get the computer to give him the formula for Country Mist, although unlike the previous guy, he tried everything he could to find a solution.  I had planned ahead this time & decided to just get Tide Pools if I couldn’t get Country Mist.  I tested a little spot on the nightstand and I think the color is going to look great!

Aside from doing house things, we also did a quick city trip this morning.   One of my April Goals was to go see the Cherry Blossoms & on Sunday morning we did just that!   We got up early and were in the city by 8am.  We walked all around the tidal basin, stopping at the Jefferson, FDR, and MLK Jr Memorials and taking lots of pictures of the Cherry Blossoms.  We were back on the metro at 10am, just as the crowds started to arrive!

Cherry Blossoms 2013 Close-upCherry Blossoms 2013 Jefferson in the BackgroundCherry Blossoms 2013 with FDRs Scotty DogI’ll be back with pictures from one of our many house related projects tomorrow!

What did you do this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

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    • Thanks Krista! I’m so glad we made it downtown to see the blossoms! I’ve been so swamped this week & now that I have time to take pictures, it’s overcast, so I have no natural light! Oh well. Next week will be better for blogging, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Saw your cherry blossoms on instagram….so pretty! (Is it bad that I knew that was FDR not because I recognized the quote but because I recognized the Scottie?)

    • Who am I to judge? I’m the one who took the picture with the dog instead of with FDR. 😉 I’m so glad we made it downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms! Spring is really pretty.

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