Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Gallery

Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Panels

I found a way to solve the “long wall dilemma” I had!  Thanks to lots of advice from you, lots of staring at the wall, and even some brainstorming with my husband, we finally found a cost-effective & pretty solution for our wall.  Once I figured out that I’d like to fill up the wall, we measured out the space we had & worked backward from there.  We considered various frames (mostly from Ikea) but the cost of 6-8 frames add up quickly!  For the cost of about two frames, we picked up 10 canvas on sale at Michaels. (We only used 8 here, so there are 2 more waiting in the guestroom).

Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Panels - Long Wall Dilemma Solved

The blank canvases hung on the wall for about a week before I figured out what I wanted to do with them.  As strange as it was, the room already looked better with blank canvases on the wall!  Each canvas is 16″x20″, so it took 2/3rds of a yard to cover two panels.  I found the fabric at JoAnns in the home decor section.  The mirror on the right still needs to be hung on the wall & I’m looking for a different lamp for the side table.  You’re also getting a sneak peek of the newly dyed slipcovers on the rattan chairs.  More on that {very stressful} process later in the week!

Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Panels Side View

I’m in LOVE with these fabrics.  I like that they coordinate well with the fabrics on the couch cushions without being matchy-matchy, although  I had to stop myself from buying more of the ikat to add it elsewhere in the house.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite among the fabrics?

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25 thoughts on “Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Gallery

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  2. What a great idea and something I have flirted with doing – after seeing the price of Ikea frames! Alas, I need to buy a few fabrics at once, so they coordinate nicely. I just used a great blue and lime one to make new cushions – I could have saved it for this project. That is the challenge – not being too matchy between cushions and ‘art’

    • Thanks Krista! I really love the combination of these prints. You’re certainly right that fabric buying can get a bit addictive!
      Hope you’ll stop by again soon!

    • Yea, little Ms. Photobomber refused to stay off the couch while I was taking pictures. She also loves nothing more than climbing onto a freshly fluffed pillow & squishing it back down.

  3. I love how colorful this is! It fills that wall out nicely. Your cushion covers look great too! And my favorite pattern is definitely that ikat…so pretty!

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