Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

If you’re tired of seeing gallery walls, you should probably just skip this post.  I know that many of you are “over” gallery walls, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with small art / small frames if the answer is not a gallery wall.  Gallery Wall - Semi-Symmetry

We recently moved a large piece of art from our Master Bedroom to the Living Room, which left a large empty wall.  I took the opportunity to use the last of our extra frames to make a gallery wall.  I measured out the size of the wall & then played around with the placement on the rug.  Then I broke the rules and just eyeballed the placement on the wall.

On the bottom-left I have some prints we bought in Spain, framed over the omnipresent grey and white chevron contact paper.  On the bottom-right is my favorite print – it says “I do believe it’s time for another adventure.”  The frame it is in was a bit of a DIY flop – the spraypaint didn’t go on smoothly at all, so I’ve been waiting for it to warm up so I can sand and repaint the frames.  I’m thinking some shade of blue.

Gallery Wall - ZigZag Matting with Black and White PhotosGallery Wall - Adventure Print

My favorite pieces are the two with the houndstooth paper (a HomeGoods find) “matting”.  The penguin print is actually a postcard we got in South Africa (we took lots of pictures of the penguins, but none are really good enough to frame).  The “We’ve Moved” postcard is an extra moving announcement we sent out when we moved to VA (I got them customized for us from Kristen Wilkens Design on Etsy).

Gallery Wall - Houndstooth Matting Close-up

I am also proud to report that I only have one mirror, two frames, and 2 canvases stashed in the guest room.  Finally making a dent in the “extras” stash!


6 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

  1. Looks great–I love that houndstooth paper! and how can people get tired of gallery walls? I mean, it’s pretty much just a fancy way of saying, “a bunch of pictures hanging close to each other on the wall.” 😉

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