January & February in Review

Yes, I am fully aware that it’s almost April.  What can I say, I’m a little behind the times…  As a bonus, you may have already forgotten what projects I tackled way back in January and February, so it will be like new content!

In January I redid my office nook in the living room, we re-arranged our bedroom & added some new curtains.  We also updated our Hemnes dresser with some new teal knobs and Penelope was her ever-adorable self.

Desk - OverviewMaster Bedroom Progress on ArtBedroom Dresser Update - All 6Hello


In February I added re-covered bar stools to my standing desk.  I sewed new pillow covers for the living room & redid the coffee table / ottoman.  For the Pinterest Challenge I created a necklace organizer and updated my boring lampshade.  Looks like a lot of attention got focused on the living room this month!  As always Penelope did her best to be adorable.

Desk - Barstools times 2 New Pillows Overhead  Necklace Frames Lamp Shade Update - DIY Painted Navy Stripe and New PillowsPenny and Mr Monkey Napping


Did you do anything in the first two months of the year?


3 thoughts on “January & February in Review

  1. I love what you did, you’re definitely a talented girl 🙂 Your place looks amazing! If I were you I would be thinking of a career as an interior designer.

    Anna Cole

    • Thanks Michelle! We think it’s an awesome name too & it lends itself to a ton of nicknames, so it’s interesting to hear what other people call her (Pen, Penny, P-Dog etc) – the best was one little girl at puppy class that called her Benelobe (she couldn’t say the Ps)!

      I thought I hadn’t gotten anything done at the beginning of the year, but this round-up shows that I got a few things done! Looking forward to your March review!

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