Bringing (Plant)Life Indoors

You may have noticed that I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather lately.  This is my first winter EVER in a place where it snows and my first winter on the East Coast after more than a decade in Southern California!  So, needless to say, I’m ready for warmer weather! Especially since this is what I woke up to on Monday morning.

Snowy Spring Day in VA 2013.jpg

Last week, I shared an idea board for our patio.  Despite it being the first full week of Spring, things do not feel very Spring-y around here and I have not done anything to cheer up our outdoor space.  Instead I’ve been thinking about adding some more plants indoors.  I’m very good at killing indoor plants, so the only one I haven’t killed recently is a beautiful orchid I received as a hostess gift.  Go me!  We have nice deep windowsills in this house, so I’d love to add a  few pots with herbs to the one in the dining room and one or two regular plants to each bedroom.  I’d also like to add at least two plants to our living room.

You might already know that I love Ikea’s Kardemum pots.  Unfortunately, I gave a bunch of them to my Mom at some stage.  Well yay for her, but not so yay for me wanting more of them…  I still  have 3 large ones – which I think I’ll use for the herbs and I’ll probably pick up a few of the small ones for my indoor plants since they’re so inexpensive.

Here are some plants and planters I found when looking through the indoor/outdoor Spring items that my favorite stores have to offer.

Bringing (Plant)Life Indoors - Favorite Finds


Source list (from left-to-right, top-to-bottom):

  1.  White plant pots
  2. Green planter
  3. Succulents
  4. Hedgehog Planter / Soap Dish
  5. Watering Can
  6. Halo Planters
  7. Small potted plants
  8. Aqua mini-planter




6 thoughts on “Bringing (Plant)Life Indoors

  1. I really like those white Ikea pots! I totally understand your feelings on winter. Sadly, I’ve only ever lived somewhere that gets snow in the winter. My hometown is about 3 hours north of where I live now, so I’ve actually gotten somewhat of a break during winter the last 8 years! Hopefully spring isn’t too far away!

    • Fingers crossed for Spring, for sure! I have to say, the winter wasn’t too bad (helps that I’m in Va, and not further north of course!), but it’s lasting a tad too long! Maybe you’ll get to live somewhere non-snowy for a while – then the snow will be fun again! 🙂

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