Pink Foxes Rag Quilt

Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Front

I’m so happy with this quilt!  This is only my second one that I put together all by myself.  My mom started making these for her friends quite a few years ago & when my friends starting having babies, mom kept on making them on my behalf – with some input and help from  me.  My first solo attempt at a rag quilt didn’t go very well & mom had to restitch the whole thing.  This was the day I learned about the value of spending the few extra dollars to get Gutterman thread…

I don’t have a picture of my first {successful} quilt, but will get some next time I’m hanging out with the little lady who received it.  Here’s an instagram sneak peak of the main fabric I used, which I posted many months ago when I was working on it.

Pink Paisley Sneak Peak

I found the pink foxes fabric on a trip to JoAnns when I wasn’t even looking for any fabric, but I was immediately head-over-heels for it.  I also found the bright pink houndstooth on the same trip & you know how I feel about houndstooth!  I matched the very bright colors with some lighter pinks and whites from my stash.  The greatest thing about the foxy fabric is that it has so many shades of pink in it, that almost all the pinks from my stash matched!

Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Close-up

You can see why it’s called a “rag” quilt in the photo above.  It’s not because its made from rags, but because you stitch it to allow the edges to fray creating soft ribs along the seam lines.  The nice part of this blanket is that it’s MADE to be washed and tumble dried, because it’s been washed at least three times before you gift it & it only gets softer with each wash.

Here’s what it looks like from the other side – much more like a regular quilt.

Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Back

I won’t say this is a quick quilt to make, but I love giving something homemade, so it’s worth the work.  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!  Do you make handmade baby gifts?  Do you have go-to gifts for specific ages?

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11 thoughts on “Pink Foxes Rag Quilt

    • Thanks Gretchen! They’re so cute. Too bad I only bought 2 yards. I WAS telling my husband that I thought we needed a rag quilt for the couch, but he just rolled his eyes. Nice husband…

  1. This is amazing!!! I love that fox material, so sweet 🙂 I’ve been thinking about trying to make a quilt but I’ve never even seen someone make one before and I’m a self taught sewer so I’m kind of afraid that I’d screw it up pretty badly lol this is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give someone with a new baby, she’ll have that for years. What lucky friends you have 🙂

      • I’ll check it out, thanks! I’d love to give handmade quilts as baby gifts as well since we have more and more friends having babies too! I just think it’s such a thoughtful gift that the child will keep for many years 🙂 I’ll definitely post it if and when I get around to doing one!

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