Just a Few Things: Four to be Exact


I decided on “Country Mist” for the nightstands.  While I was at Home Depot picking up supplies for another project, I thought I’d grab a sample size of the color too.  However, when I asked them to mix the color, the guy came back and said that he can’t make that color in sample size and that he’ll color-match it for me.  Wait what?!?  So, I asked why he couldn’t make it for me in the sample size & he explained that the color formula couldn’t be divided to that small a quantity.  Sounds kind of weird, but it makes some sense to me.  What didn’t make sense is that he thought that color-matching was an option.  If Behr says we can’t do this color, why would his color-matching computer have a better idea of how to make it happen?

Anyways, his advice was to “just go pick a different color”.  Uh, thanks.  It’s not like I spend a lot of time agonizing over this exact shade of teal.  Oh wait. I did.     New Plan: Get a sample size of Tide Pools {fingers crossed} and water it down with some plaster of paris to make DIY chalk paint and hope the color gets closer to “Country Mist”

Nightstand Paint Chip Choices with Color Names


The ballots are in, and in my poll of which pattern I should use for my DIY string art, you voted for honeycomb / hexagons.  I ran the idea by Andy, who also agreed with you smarty-pant voters & I picked up the necessary supplies this weekend.  Hexagon string art is happening.  Side note: this is a really LOUD project!  I hope the neighbors don’t hate me by the time I’m done…

Hexagon String Art Progress


I’m obsessed with this shower curtain.  I still really love the stripey one we have in the bathroom, but I also want this one.

World Market Elephant Shower Curtain


I have switched my blogroll to Bloglovin’ and have been using that instead of Google Reader.  It took a little bit of playing around to figure out how to use all the features, but so far I’m loving it.  I also downloaded the app & really enjoy using that to check blogs on the go.  I’d say the number one benefit of Bloglovin’ is that I can comment on a blog without having to leave my blog feed.  Yay for more comments, right?
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4 thoughts on “Just a Few Things: Four to be Exact

    • Right?!? So weird! I think I’ll try the other HD before changing colors. I’m pretty obsessed with that shower curtain too – it’s a good thing World Market is totally out of my way…

  1. That is so weird that everything happened with the paint. Hmmm…. I get all my paint from Home Depot and I exclusively use Behr. Never had an issue. Part of me wonders if the guy just didn’t know what he was doing. 😉
    Excited about the Honeycomb String Art and I am so loving the elephant shower curtain!

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